Bob Capano issues Carpe Diem notice for Republicans

Bob Capano, civic activist and former candidate on the Conservative and Republican lines writes about the Republican Parties need to follow conservative principles.

Seize the Election Day Victories- Republicans Must Follow Conservative Principles

By Bob Capano

It has been a dynamic year for Republicans and Conservatives, culminating with the election day results earlier this month. Republicans took the majority back in the House of Representatives by gaining over 60 seats throughout the country, including the 13th Congressional District in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Now, the question is, how do Republicans keep the momentum going? It is clear from the results of Republican primaries this year that the majority of Republican voters want a return to traditional fiscal Conservative principles that have guided the Party in the past. This means a government that lives within its means and does not believe it can solve all of society’s problems.  Clear examples of this flawed thinking are the Obama health care legislation and the enormous bailouts for failing banks and companies.  Both of these policies undermine the most basic principles of capitalism, and have resulted in debt so high that even our grandchildren’s grandchildren will be paying it.   

Core Conservative-Republican principles also include a fundamental belief that it is not the public sector that is the engine of job growth and the economy, but the private sector. We must focus on the private sector, as President Reagan did, and implement tax cuts and incentives for small businesses.  Many of our newly elected Members of Congress, including the Congressman-Elect for the 13th District in New York, Michael Grimm, whose candidacy was led by the Brooklyn Conservative Party, come from the private sector. This is why they were so effective during their campaigns and can clearly articulate what ordinary Americans are thinking and feeling on many issues.  They understand our frustration, or better yet our anger, with a growth in government and a Democratic Party that seems tone deaf to the majority of Americans that oppose their policies.  After many years working in the public sector with elected officials from all levels of government, I am now back in the “real world.” Working in the private sector, I can better understand the devastating impact of recent liberal government decisions on businesses and our economy.

For Republicans in Washington and throughout the country to be successful, and remain in power, they must govern with the aforementioned conservative principles. They cannot repeat the mistakes made after the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress, tossing around taxpayer money in the form of earmarks to feed their popularity in their home districts, and increase the scope of government spending.

I was proud to play a role in helping Michael Grimm in Brooklyn, but now it is up to him and the other freshman Republicans to govern based on their campaign pledges. I am hopeful and confident that Michael Grimm, New York City’s only Republican-Conservative Member of Congress, and other newly elected members, will reverse the poor Obama-Pelosi policies of the past two years, and extend all of the Bush tax cuts.

In fact, it is not just Republicans who were upset with the Obama-Pelosi liberal agenda, it was Independents and many “Reagan Democrats”. While the President’s party traditionally loses seats in the mid-term elections, we have not seen a victory of this magnitude by a Party since 1946. Clearly, the poor economy, the President’s low popularity, and the agenda of the Democrats over the past two years were the key factors. Republicans must seize this opportunity and govern as they campaigned to move forward successfully. They must reduce government spending, lower taxes, support private sector job growth, and reverse many of the policies of the big government health care legislation.


Capano has been a Political Science Instructor with the City University of New York since 2000. He was the Brooklyn Director for former Republican Congressman Vito Fossella from 2005-2007, and was the Republican, Conservative, and Independence Party Candidate for the 43rd City Council District in 2009 and the 46th State Assembly District in 2008.

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