Your Brooklyn Conservative Party Slate- Vote Conservative on November 4th!

Your Conservative Party (Column C) Candidates. Come Out and Vote for them on November 4th!


Rob Astorino

Lt. Governor

Chris Moss

State Comptroller

Robert Antonacci

Attorney General

John Cahill

Supreme Court

Philip J. Smallman • Anthony R. Caccamo

Matthew A. Doheny • Dennis W. Houdek

Civil Court

Vincent F. Martusciello


7th CD – Allan E. Romaguera

8th CD – Alan Bellone

9th CD – Daniel J. Cavanagh

10th CD – Ross Brady

11th CD – Michael G. Grimm

12th CD – Nicholas S. Dilorio

State Senate

17th SD – Simcha Felder

18th SD – Johnathan H. Anderson

19th SD – Elias J. Weir

20th SD – Menachem M. Raitport

21st SD – Herman G. Hall

22nd SD – Martin J. Golden

State Assembly

41st AD – Sura Yusim

42nd AD – Brian W. Kelly

43rd AD – Cartrell Gore

44th AD – Mike Yusupov

45th AD – Mikhail Usher

46th AD – Stamatis Lilikakis

47th AD – Joseph Baranello

48th AD – Dov Hikind

49th AD – Henry Lallave

51st AD – Sandra Palacios-Serrano

52nd AD – John Jasilli

54th AD – Khorshed Chowdhury

59th AD – Jeffery J. Ferretti

60th AD – Leroy R. Bates Sr.

64th AD – Nicole Malliotakis

Is there really any debate? – Read Common Sense:Debating the Debate by Jerry Kassar in Home Reporter & Brooklyn Spectator

With no-show Dom, over-his head Kemmerer, and Brook-Krassny befuddled, the latest debates have made clear why the Conservative Party candidates (Golden, Lilikakas, and Grimm) deserve  your vote. These debates and more neighborhood news are discussed in this weeks column by Jerry Kassar see

Vote No On Ballot Proposition 3: Smart Schools but Not a Smart Proposal

The New York State and Brooklyn Conservative Party urge a no vote on NYS ballot initiative number 3. The ballot proposal is presented as a beneficial bond program to purchase equipment for schools. However, the result will be additional debt burden down the road to purchase equipment and technology that will long be obsolete before the cost is paid. It is an irresponsible proposal and does not offer any solution. Public and private investment in education is required. Bonds and additional debt are not the way to do this. A Press release from the NYS Conservative Party is linked here

Conservative Party Rates Legislature/Alerts Voters to Ballot Proposition and Issues


Conservative Party Urges Yes Vote in Support of Ballot Proposal 2: Paperwork Reduction Act

Michael Long, Chairman of the New York State Conservative Party, joined by Brooklyn Conservative Party Chairman Jerry Kassar, and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R-C, 64AD) announced the Party’s support of a Yes vote on Proposition 2, which will be on the ballot on November 4th. The proposition allows bills to be transmitted electronically to the legislators and avoid generating thousands of pages of text. It makes sense for legislators to be able to read the legislation and transport its text and is environmentally efficient. Brooklyn Conservative Party urges a yes vote in November on Proposition 2 and commends our State Assemblywoman, Nicole Malliotakis who is leading the charge for paperwork reduction

“Common Sense: Fair Redistricting” – Vote Yes for Ballot Proposal One

Jerry Kassar’s column discusses ballot proposal one for redistricting as well as Cuomo’s “political considerations” causing delay of important activity. see

NYS Conservative Party Rallies Faithful at Fall Reception with Rob Astorino, Bob Antonacci and National Review’s Rich Lowry

Brooklyn Conservatives were well represented at NYS Conservative Party Fall Reception honoring Rich Lowry, Editor in Chief of National Review with the Ronald Reagan Legacy Award. Gubernatorial Candidate Rob Astorino addressed the crowd gathered at the NY Athletic Club in Manhattan, siting the  troubles in Albany and n eed to get out the vote. Bob Antonacci, candidate for Comptroller, echoed the comments and both urged a vote on the Conservative Party line on November 4th. State Party Chairman Mike Long thanked the crowd and rallied them on for victory in November.

Kings County Treasurer Ross Brady, Vice Chair and State Treasurer Fran Vella-Marrone, Rich Lowry- Editor-in-Chief of National Review and Ronald Reagan Legacy Award recipient, and Kings County Chair and State Vice Chair Jerry Kassar were among the attendees from Brooklyn at this annual event. John Quaglione, Dennis Houdek and Brian Kelly not pictured.

Conservative Party Recommends Voting Yes to Ballot Proposal to Revise State Redistricting Procedure

State Party Press Release on our Position in favor of Districting Reform
Press Release

For Immediate Release                                         Contact: Shaun Marie

October 1, 2014                                                     518-356-7882



Brooklyn, NY – The New York State Conservative Party supports the passage of the statewide Proposal Number One on the November 4th Ballot. Chairman, Michael R. Long, noted that the recommended revised redistricting procedure gave the public ample opportunity for input and has established the principles necessary to comply with constitutional requirements. The Conservative Party position follows:

Proposal Number One:   YES

Revising State’s Redistricting Procedure

Every ten years, New York State residents are redistricted according to the new census numbers, and every ten years, districts are decimated by the political whims of those in power. Small upstate Counties are carved into five or more pieces and some districts sliver through numerous counties with nothing in common. Proposal Number One – Revising State’s Redistricting Procedure – should be adopted by the voters of New York State.

The proposed amendment establishes principles to be applied in creating districts by a redistricting commission, which must be drawn consistently with the requirements of the federal and state constitutions and federal statutes. These principles include:

  • No district lines may result in the prohibited denial or abridgement of racial or language minority voting rights. Districts cannot be drawn to have the purpose of or result in the denial or abridgement of such rights.
  • To the extent practicable, districts must contain as nearly as may be an equal number of inhabitants. The commission must provide a specific public explanation for any deviation that exists.
  • Each district must consist of contiguous territory and be as compact in form as practicable.
  • Districts cannot be drawn to discourage competition or for the purpose of favoring or disfavoring incumbents or other particular candidates or political parties.
  • Maintenance of cores of existing districts, of pre-existing political subdivisions, and of communities of interest must be considered.

Twelve public hearings must be held throughout the state and notice must be given to the public and they must be able to review the proposals before the hearings.   Once submitted to the Assembly and the Senate in one bill, the Legislature cannot amend the bill.

There is a procedure in place if the Legislature fails to pass the bill or the Governor vetoes it and there are not enough votes for an override.

The Conservative Party supports the passage of Proposal Number One, Revising the State’s Redistricting Procedure.


State Headquarters:

486 78th Street
Ft. Hamilton Station, NY 11209

Common Sense: Conservative Party

Congratulations to Mike Long on his re-election as state chairperson of the New York Conservative Party and to Fran Vella-Marrone who was re-elected the treasurer of the state party. I was re-elected a state vice chairperson. Ross Brady, David Ryan and Liam McCabe from Brooklyn were elected to the state party’s Executive Committee….Republican-Conservative gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino campaigned in Bay Ridge last week with State Senator Marty Golden read more at

Conservative Party Organizes: Kassar Re-Elected Brooklyn Chairman; Mike Long Re-Elected NYS Chair

The Kings County Conservative Party met on September 17, 2014 for its organizational meeting. The following officers were elected: Gerard Kassar: Chairman; Frances Vella-Marrone: Vice Chair; David Ryan: Executive Secretary; Ross Brady: Treasurer.

Brooklyn Conservatives proudly attended the NYS Conservative Party Organizing meeting in Albany on September 23, 2014. Brooklyn Chairman Jerry Kassar nominated Mike Long for another term as State Party Chairman and Long was elected and thanked the Party. Brooklyn Vice Chair Fran Vella-Marrone was elected to another term as State Party Treasurer. Long rallied the troops for the challenges ahead and the principled fight for our State ticket and all of our candidates and issues. See photos below:

Brooklyn Chairman Jerry Kassar Nominates Michael Long for State Chairman

Frances Vella-Marrone, Brooklyn Vice Chair was reelected NYS Party Treasurer

Michael Long, Re-Elected NYS Conservative Party Chairman Rallied the Party