SPECIAL ELECTIONS: VOTE TOMORROW SEPTEMBER 13, 2011: 9th Congressional and 54th Assembly District in Focus

Special Elections take place tomorrow – September 13, 2011. All are encouraged to get out and vote. Two races of particular interest include the 9th Congressional race and the race to fill the 54th Assembly district seat.

In the 9th Congressional District Bob Turner faces off against David Weprin. Weprin is running as a Democrat. Bob Turner is running with support of the Conservative Party and the Republican Party. Please see both candidates’ websites for any information including endorsements. At this time, we are aware of a NYT endorsement for Weprin and the endorsement of the New York Daily News, New York Post and the Jewish Voice for Bob Turner. Mr. Turner has also received support from former Mayors Ed Koch and Rudolph Giuliani. Mr. Weprin is supported by Keith Wright.

In the 54th Assembly District, Raphael Espinal is running with the support of the Conservative Party and the Democratic Party against Deidre Towns, daughter of Congressman Ed Towns, and Jesus Gonzalez, the candidate of the radical Working Families Party.

Turnout is expected to be low, though interest is high, and one never knows what the day may bring. We encourage people to vote for the candidate of their choice and participate in a great American exercise in liberty.