This Presser in. NY Delegation must stand for America not for Obama.

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> Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2015 15:52:38 -0400
> CONTACT: Kelly Cummings, Scott Reif (518) 455-2264
> FOR RELEASE: Immediate, Monday, August 10, 2015
> Calls on Senator Schumer to Rally State, National Democrats to Reject
> Agreement;
> Put U.S. Security Interests First
> Senate Majority Leader John J. Flanagan today urged the entire New
> York congressional delegation – - including the state’s junior senator
> Kirsten Gillibrand – - to put the safety and security of America and its
> allies first by voting “NO” on the pending Iran nuclear deal negotiated by
> President Obama and the leaders of Iran.
> Flanagan also called on Senator Chuck Schumer, New York’s senior
> senator in Washington and someone who has often been mentioned as a
> potential future Democratic leader of the body, to use his clout to
> encourage the state’s delegation and other Democrats to vote down the deal.
> “New York’s entire congressional delegation must stand together and
> reject this shortsighted agreement. This ‘deal’ would put our state, our
> country and our steadfast ally Israel at great risk, and is really no deal
> at all. Any pact with Iran must ensure the safety and security of those
> living in the region and our people here at home, first and foremost,”
> Senator Flanagan said.
> Despite the fact that key proposals which may have prevented Iran
> from getting nuclear weapons were removed from the final agreement and
> Senator Schumer has said he’d vote against it, Gillibrand recently signaled
> she was inclined to support the deal.
> “I give Senator Schumer credit for doing the right thing and putting
> his state before his party. Saying that he’ll vote ‘no’ is a good first
> step, but it’s not enough. He must aggressively rally reticent Democrats
> in New York and across the country to this cause,” Senator Flanagan said.
> Senator Tom Croci, the Chairman of the Senate’s Veterans, Homeland
> Security and Military Affairs Committee and a U.S. Navy commander, echoed
> Flanagan’s comments.
> “I urge New York’s entire congressional delegation to join
> Congressman Lee Zeldin, and now Senator Chuck Schumer, in a bipartisan
> effort to reject President Obama’s proposed deal with Iran,” said Senator
> Croci. “Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. They
> brutally repress their own population and support surrogate terrorist
> groups who are actively engaged in killing Americans worldwide. With
> nuclear capabilities, America is handing a fundamentalist regime the tools
> of Armageddon. New York State is the number one target worldwide for
> terrorism, so this agreement will have a direct impact on the security of
> every one of our constituents. Approval of this flawed agreement will
> further increase the risk to New Yorkers and Americans nationwide.”
> A recent Monmouth University poll backed up Senator Flanagan’s
> position on the proposed nuclear pact, showing that 41 percent believe Iran
> got more of what it wanted from the deal, while only 14 percent believe the
> United States did.
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Join us and Our Queens Counterparts with Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson. Wed, August 12

Dr. Carson is coming to Queens…Hosted by the Queens County Conservatives and GOP Party?

The Queens County Conservative and Republican Party are hosting Dr. Ben Carson on Wednesday, Aug. 12, 7:30 PM, at the American Legion Post, 107-­15 Metropolitan Avenue in Forest Hills just off the Jackie Robinson Highway.  Learn more here.

Donovan Votes No on Watered Down Sanctuary Cities Legislation

In the wake of the tragic murder of Kate Steinle by a criminal alien who returned after removal, the Hunter Sanctuary Cities bill H.R. 3009, unfathomably contained watered down language of a previous amendment Rep. King succeeded in passing with the Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriation Act. Offering weak legislation and failing to address the release of criminal aliens, this ’sanctuary cities bill” actually weakened the cause and puts our law enforcement personnel and all of us in danger.

The Kings County Conservative Party supports strong legislation to stand against sanctuary cities. That is why we support this no vote by our Congressman Dan Donovan. He knows the difference between what legislation says it does and what it actually does and recognized the step backward this legislation took when he voted no.

The press release from the Congressman is posted below:


CONTACT: Jessica Proud (Donovan) 914.438.5325

Kevin Foggarty (King) 202.225.3062

Joint Statement from Congressmen Dan Donovan and Peter King on HR 3009

July 23, 2015

“Sanctuary city policies are simply wrong and they undermine the rule of law.  Sadly, today’s legislation only makes a bad situation worse by cutting off funds to the police officers who put their lives at risk to protect all of us.  This legislation is fatally misguided, putting police officers and our constituents–including victims of domestic violence–at risk for the failed policies of City Hall. That is why we voted NO.”


George Pataki Enters 2016 Presidential Race/City Hall forgets POW/MIAs:

Time for some Common Sense: Read “Common Sense: Presidential Politics” in the Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator see

Thanks for joining Brooklyn Conservatives’ Memorial Day commemoration and flag raising

A sizeable crowd of neighbors, local leaders including Congressman Donovan, Party leaders and members, scouts, veterans, and active duty personnel joined in the annual commemoration at lookout point as a new POW/MIA flag was raised. Many joined the Brooklyn Conservatives and marched in the Memorial Day parade in Bay Ridge. Thank you.

Getting it Right and Getting it Wrong- Dan’s got it Right, local dems just got it wrong- Read Common Sense: Getting it Right!

Our new Congressman Dan Donovan gets it right and carping local dems act surprised. Small ball politics over substance. Donovan’s stance on abortion is not new. However, term limited Councilmember Gentile’s record on the issue changes with the wind. Once having proclaimed himself “Pro-Life” Vincent or Vinnie’s latest salvos against Donovan play as inconsistent at best and leave the taste of sour grapes.

Other things to concentrate on include the tragedy on the rails and the need to overhaul Amtrak.

Read all about in this week’ Common Sense: Getting it Right in the Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator.

Join the Brooklyn Conservatives at Annual Memorial Day POW/MIA Commemoration 10Am @ Lookout Point

Friends- please join us, your neighbors, friends, scouts, elected and civic leaders, as the Brooklyn Conservatives continue our annual tradition of honoring those lost and those missing in our armed forces. We meet at the liberty pole at Look Out Point located at 81st Street and Shore Road at 10am sharp. After the commemoration and raising of new POW/MIA flag, the Brooklyn Conservatives will march in the Memorial Day Parade in Bay Ridge. Please join us for this meaningful  activity in honor of those who sacrificed for our freedom.

May 25th – Memorial Day

Lookout Point – 81st Street and Shore Road


Thank you.

Baltimore Burns while Bay Ridge Glows Read Common Sense:Baltimore Burning

Baltimore Burns while Bay Ridge Glows. While the disaster in Baltimore shows us people at their worst, the Brooklyn Conservatives Honored a neighborhood superstar who shows us humanity at its best. Read this weeks’ column by Jerry Kassar: Common Sense: Baltimore Burning: in this weeks Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator @

Common Sense: Making Excuses

Crime out of control is the new normal under this Mayor. Sending someone to Congress Serious business so don’t send a Deblasio  minion. Vote May 5th. All this common sense and more in Jerry Kassar’s column Common Sense: Making Excuses in this week’s Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator, see

Local Pols and Candidates Turn Out for Brooklyn Conservatives and Honor Rutuelo- Get the Pictures

The Brooklyn Conservatives’ Annual Brunch was a smashing success this Sunday as Party members, supporters and friends were joined by local electeds and candidates as community advocate Arlene Rutuelo was presented with the Annual Ronald Reagan Americanism Award. Arlene was surrounded by friends as she was honored for her tireless efforts for many causes including the Guild for Exceptional Children. State Senator Marty Golden rallied the crowd as did Assemblywoman Malliotakis who stressed her stand firm against amnesty and tuition aide for illegal aliens. State Assembly candidate Menachem Raitport addressed the crowd. Dan Donovan, who is running to represent the 11th Congressional District, discussed the issues facing the district and his strong support of our troops .

Election Day to fill the Council and Congressional seats is May 5, 2015.