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Brooklyn Conservatives are running a slate this election day and need your votes in the Conservative Party column from the top of the ticket all the way to the bottom. They will represent you and give a real voice and Vote to the issues and positions we share and their opponents ignore. The following is our slate and you are allowed to print it out and take it with you election day. You can also stop by and help out on Tuesday at the Bay Ridge Manor on 76th off 5th Ave. Polls open at 6am and close at 9pm.

Your Conservative candidates are:

President Donald Trump

Vice President Michael Pence

U.S. Senate Wendy Long


7th CD Allan Romaguerro.          8th CD Daniel Cavanaugh

9th CD Allan Bellone.     10th CD Philip Rosenthal.   11th CD Dan Donovan

State Senate:

17th SD Simcha Felder.   20th SD. Menachem Raitport

21st SD. Brian Kelly.        22nd SD Marty Golden

State Assembly:

41st AD Ramona Johnson.  42nd AD Matthew Williams. 44th SD Glen Nocera

45th AD Boris Gintchanski. 46th AD Mikhail Usher. 47ThAD Malka Shahar

48th AD Dov Hikind. 49ThAD Rosemary Mangino.  51stAD Henry Lallave

52ndAD Daniel Ramos  59ThAD Jeffrey Ferretti  60ThAD Ernest Johnson

64ThAD. Nicole Malliotakis

Supreme Court:

Mark I. Partnow. Leon Ruchelsman. Katherine A. Levine

Reginald A. Boddie  Philip J. Smallman. ShawnDya L. Simpson

Civil Court:

Vincent Martusciello

Morton Avigdor

Vote Conservative Party Tuesday November 8, 2016!!

Jim Kerr to Receive Jim Gay Memorial Award at Brooklyn Conservative’s Annual Reception November 2nd. Keynote Speaker David Keene

NYS Committeeman and Executive Committeemember Jim Kerr, well known not only for being emcee at many a NYS Conservative Party event, but also from decades as host of the Jim Kerr Rock and Roll Morning show and a storied career in broadcasting, will receive the honor of the James Gay Memorial Award at the Annual Reception of the Kings County Conservative Party on Wednesday, November 2, 2016.  The award is named in memory of Conservative Party stalwart and longtime NYS and Kings County Conservative Party icon Jim Gay and is awarded to individuals who possess the character and contribute to the advancement of the principles of the Conservative Party.

In addition to bestowing the honor upon Kerr, the event will feature an address by Washington Times Opinion Editor and former American Conservative Union Chairman David Keene. Keene Chaired the ACU for 28 years and also served as the President of the National Rifle Association. He has recently published a book on the Second Amendment “Shall Not Be Infringed.” see

Image result for David Keene photograph

The 54th Annual Reception will be held at Hunter’s Steakhouse located at 9404 4th Avenue in Brooklyn, New York on Wednesday November 2, 2016 at 7pm. Tickets are $90pp.

You may reserve by check payable to the Kings County Conservative Party and mail to 486 78th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209.

Please also support us by taking an advertisement in our souvenir journal. You may print out this email and mail with your check for tickets and or ad(s): Return a listing up to four lines. Ad rates are:

Gold Patron Listing: $150

Silver Benefactor Listing: $125

Sponsor Listing: $100

Subscriber: $75

Return the ad form and ticket request by October 18th.





Guest columnist Ed Farr: American Labor Theory has Roots in London

American Labor Theory has Roots in London.

by Ed Farr

Public schools are indoctrination centers for the teacher’s unions. As any civics teacher will tell you, modern labor theory draws on 19th century London for its inspiration.  Tales by Charles Dickens and others continue to horrify teachers and inform students.

London of the industrial revolution was a battle ground where economic freedom, or “laissez-faire economics” was discredited. It became clear that government had to step in and regulate all aspects of labor, our teachers tell us.   Laissez-faire encouraged greedy manufacturers to funnel people off their farms and into tenements where they survived hand-to-mouth, suffering disease and occupational hazards only to die young and be easily replaced.

This view reflects the literature of the times. As we know, however, the view of novelists is often skewed.  Dickens was a writer-celebrity, not an economist.  He was good at dramatizing the problems of the downtrodden but useless at solving them. The best he and others like him could do is shout “there oughtta be a law!”

The Idiot’s Handbook of Dangerous Beliefs says that he who can proclaim the problem automatically knows the best solution.  It is not true.  Passing laws against social revolutions never works. It is true that horrible slums developed as people abandoned their hopeless lives in the countryside.  Pleasant communities of nice little cottages also grew up near the factories though.  It wasn’t all bad.  Furthermore, it is not “blaming the victim” to point out that many contributed to their condition by drinking their wages and neglecting their children.

Life was rough wherever you went.  Consider frontier life in North America, mining in Bohemia or sailing on a Shanghai clipper. The thing that did the most for humanity wasn’t social legislation.  It was the exploding availability of useful stuff.

Think of underwear.  It was one of the big innovations of the industrial revolution.  Before that people wore crusty linen or nothing between skin and wool.  Easy-to-clean cotton improved the lives and health of everyone, even the mill workers. So did soap, kerosene, steam, the telegraph and a million things that economic freedom delivered

No one dares speak against child labor laws.  Never-the-less, one fact is observable today as it was in old London. When times are severe sometimes children are left with three choices—work, turn to crime or starve.  Laissez-faire economics may not be able to rescue everyone but it will do less harm that the do-gooder who takes the first of those options away.

England was not really a Laissez-faire state.  Birth control was not only illegal. It was forbidden to print information about it.  There was no freedom of assembly.  Labor unions were illegal.  People were hanged for theft, jailed for debt and forbidden divorce by the state.  The “corn laws” made food expensive or unattainable.  A true laissiz-faire economy would have given people more tools to improve their lives.

The stuff we hear about 19th century London has been produced by the political left for so long we’ve come to believe it.  Conservatives should be prepared to stand up to that old lie.

Guest Author Ed Farr writes:Disbarment Possible Against Baltimore State Attorney, Marilyn Mosby.

Disbarment Possible Against Baltimore State Attorney, Marilyn Mosby.

George Washington University law professor John Banzhaf has filed a complaint, accusing Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby of filing charges only to prevent civil unrest. That is to say, Ms. Mosby is charged with allowing public opinion to rule her decision to prosecute in the Freddie Gray case.

Freddie Gray was arrested and died while in police custody. At the time, the young prosecutor c chanted Al Sharpton’s quote, “No Justice, No Peace,” before the press, adding “our time has come.” She charged six officers with career-ending offenses that appeared politically motivated to many. Recently Baltimore prosecutors failed for a fourth time to get a conviction when Lt. Brian Rice was found not guilty of all the charges.

Banzhaf holds that Mosby went forward without sufficient evidence, made false public statements, withheld evidence which weakened her case, continued to prosecute after a judge found her evidence insufficient and engaged in conduct that was dishonest.

Bringing charges for political reasons is one of the worst possible abuses of office.  A State Attorney has vast resources and we pay for them. She can call on an army of police, detectives and forensic experts to build her case.  Defendants must counter this at personal expense.  That is one reason it is unethical and unconscionable for a prosecutor to go forward with a weak case. If evidence creates reasonable doubt in the prosecutor’s mind the case should never go before a judge.

It brings to mind the Duke Lacrosse case –a 2006 trial in which players on the University lacrosse team were falsely prosecuted. In the event, a stripper accused three members of rape.  The media built a narrative of privileged Ivy League frat boys abusing a poor victim of race economics.  It led to the resignation and disbarment of Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong. It was also a costly and unnecessary disruption in the lives of the defendants. Had they been found guilty it would have been a lot worse. That was a real possibility given the public pressure for a conviction.

Prosecutors who succumb to the emotions of the moment and abandon their ethics do not deserve to practice law.  The complaints against State Attorney Mosby are well founded and should set an example for all who put politics above their professional ethics.

Thepreceding is commentary by Member Ed Farr
From time to time we post commentary from guest bloggers. To reply or offer an article reply to this blog or email

Brooklyn Conservatives Urge all to Fly the American Flag Memorial Day..and everyday!

In these times and as we keep in our thoughts and prayers those who sacrificed for our country, some who paid the ultimate price, some who never came home, and those currently serving in our military, it is incumbent upon us to show our colors. Let’s all fly our American flags on Memorial Day and everyday.

While you are at it, please join us at 81st and Shore Road for a very special commemoration and POW/MIA flag raising @ 10am Memorial Day. We will march in the Bay Ridge Memorial Day parade immediately following.

Join Us to Commemorate Memorial Day at POW/MIA Flag Raising followed by March in the Bay Ridge Memorial Day Parade

Friends- please join us, your neighbors, friends, scouts, elected and civic leaders, as the Brooklyn Conservatives continue our annual tradition of honoring those lost and those missing in our armed forces. We meet at the liberty pole at Look Out Point located at 81st Street and Shore Road at 10am sharp. After the commemoration and raising of new POW/MIA flag, the Brooklyn Conservatives will march in the Memorial Day Parade in Bay Ridge. Please join us for this meaningful  activity in honor of those who sacrificed for our freedom.

May 30th – Memorial Day

Lookout Point – 81st Street and Shore Road


Thank you.

Common Sense: Bag the Tax

The New York City Council narrowly voted to sack the people with a plastic bag tax. State legislators such as Marty Golden, Simcha Felder and Assemblyman Dov Hikind are among those seeking to stop the city from burdening people with this regressive “tax” . Read about this tax and more in Jerry Kassar’s column: Common Sense: Bag the Tax in this week’s Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator at

Farr Sight: Brazil Makes History, Impeaches First Woman President

The following is commentary by Member Ed Farr
From time to time we post commentary from guest bloggers. To reply or offer an article reply to this blog or email
Brazil Makes History: Impeaches First Woman President
(Ed Farr, 5/12/16)
You have to feel sorry for former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff who left office today. Fate
placed her in an impossible, though predictable situation. She should have looked at Venezuela
and observed the melt-down of President Nicolas Maduro.
Both of these heads of South American leftist regimes suffer from the same problem. They
follow charismatic revolutionaries who used up all the loose change and lending capital. In
Venezuela poor Mr. Maduro followed the originator of the Bolivarian revolution— Hugo
Chávez, who conveniently died. What timing; he abandoned the former bus driver behind the
wheel of the nation just as the price of oil fell. Socialism had destroyed Venezuela’s economic
base, leaving the country dependent on one commodity.
Now Maduro walks the halls of Palacio de Miraflores hoping his body guard doesn’t defect in
the night. It’s like a strange Honeymooner’s episode where Ralph Cramden vacations in an
exotic land and finds himself made dictator on the eve of a revolution.
Rousseff is lucky in that she will get through this alive. Her predecessor, Luiz da Silva, known
as “Lula,” was similarly charismatic if not as radically socialist as Chauvez. He presided over
the usual burst of socialist prosperity financed by using up existing capital and borrowing. He
demonized the rich while insuring that a clique of insiders controlled the national oil monopoly.
Petrobras was run as a cash cow for management and for Lula’s political goals. Ms. Rousseff
takes the rap.
Meanwhile Argentina is making headway against a massive debt and history of default. The new
president, Mauricio Macri, is more business friendly than his predecessor, Cristina Fernández de
Kirchner. She was not Argentina’s first leftist female president to destroy the economy. The first
was Eva Peron. Both made economic messes for later presidents to clean up.
What does any of this have to do with being a woman? Nothing, obviously. It just shows that
electing a president based on gender is as stupid as discriminating against her. A leftist is a
leftist. Male or female, they all do the same kind of damage.

Farr Sight: A Guest blogger discusses the dubious “middle way”

From time to time we will offer contributions. You may send yours t us by reply or at
Commentary by Member Ed Farr:
There Is No Middle Way.
No one wants to be called a socialist. Even Bernie might take offense. Of course they call
themselves by the s-word but the rest of us may not. The reason is simple. What is the last thing
a wolf wants to be called while prancing about in sheep’s clothing? Right—a wolf. That is why
today’s socialists advocate for a “middle way” between market democracy and the dictatorship
of the proletariat. Their dirty secret is, there is no middle way.
We have had government institutions since the founding. There’s the post office, the army and
local fire departments. Since then we have accumulated socialized institutions like tics on a dog.
Consider the Federal Reserve, inner state highways and public schools.
The middle way theory says that when we observe a persistent social problem we must find a
government solution. Universal retirement planning was such a solution. Folks suffering in their
later years was a persistent social problem. The Roosevelt administration established Social
The sneaky thing about the middle way is this: Persistent social problems never go away. The
complaint department always has a waiting line. If Social Security worked people would still
complain. The civil rights acts ended the Jim Crow laws but people still complain. We have
schools but children are still ignorant. We have medical care but people still get sick and die.
The list of reasons for the Feds to take over is endless. People are suffering so the government
must take over college loans. People are suffering so we must have wage controls. People are
suffering so the government must mandate bathroom policy.
There is no proof that government programs solve social problems faster than natural evolution
under economic freedom. To admit that would nullify the leftist dream.
And what do leftists dream about? Total socialism; here’s how you prove it. Ask a middle-way
advocate this: How will we know when we have reached the ideal middle way? How will we
know when we have enough government solutions? No two leftists can agree. The intention has
always been full socialism. There is no middle way.

Brooklyn Conservatives’ Annual Brunch and Presentation of Ronald Reagan Americanism Award

SUNDAY, APRIL 24th @ Bay Ridge Manor (76th & 5th Av, Brooklyn) 12 noon. Join us at Annual event with friends, members, electeds and candidates. We will present local civic leader, veteran and advocate Ray Aalbue with the Ronald Reagan Americanism Award. We will also enjoy the always insightful E.J. McMahon of the Empire Center for Public Policy, our Key Note Speaker. Tickets only $60pp payable to Kings County Conservative Party mail to 486 78th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209. Q: Comment on the blog, or email