Common Sense: Remember the Heroes

Remembering the Heroes on September 11th and exercising democracy in the primary elections are discussed in this week’s Common Sense by Jerry Kassar in the Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator

Common Sense: End Game

This week’s common sense discusses the local elections this wek and the successful campaign to go gold for pediatric cancer research. Primaries on Tuesday’s, general election in November. Let’s Bring Home the Gold. see Home Reporter

Common Sense: A Sleeping Giant

Read Jerry Kassar’s Common SEnse: Sleeping Giant in the Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator.


September 3rd 7pm @ 9712 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Conservative Party is pleased to invite you to the opening of the campaign offices, with a meet and greet, of local candidates Marty Golden and Stamatis Lilikakis on Wednesday, September 3rd, at 7:00 PM. Also in attendance will be Congressman Mike Grimm and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis.

The office is located at 9712 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

We also have  at Conservative Party Headquarters: lawn signs and literature available for, Rob Astorino for Governor, Michael Grimm for Congress, Marty Golden for State Senator, Nicole Malliotakis for State Assembly and Stamatis Lilikakis for Assembly. If you would like any of the above, please contact the Conservative Party at 718-921-2158 or by E-mail at

See you on September 3rd.

Common Sense:Important Work

There have been a number of outstanding charitable efforts being made this summer for a number of exceptional causes. ..Going gold is good. Sending a check to one of the many pediatric cancer care charities is an even better idea. Please help them, as well as the work of ALS and the many other charitable groups..There are a number of primaries for members of the Democratic, Republican and Independence Parties in Southwest Brooklyn…..Stamatis Lilikakis who has been endorsed by the Conservative Party and State Senator Golden. – Read

“Common Sense: Unintended Consequences” in Home Reporter

Read this weeks article by Common Sense to find out about Statewide and local politics and campaigns, but also how NYC managed to put its worst feet forward forward while trying to attract the Dem convention for 2016, see

Read “Common Sense: Al’s World” and remember we told you so!

Sharpton race baiting sideshow back front and center and promoted by Mayor De Blasio. Did you see that coming when the 9-18 % of the electorate delivered De Blasio the mayoralty. What gives? Read this week’s article by Jerry Kassar in the Home Reporter and the Brooklyn Spectator at

NYSCP Chairman Mike Long Featured on “Ask the Lawyer” Anniversary Show Sat 8/9/14 6pm 970AM or 570AM

Congratulations to Bay Ridge’s own Michael Connors of Connors and Sullivan on the Anniversary of his radio show “Ask the Lawyer” 6-7pm Saturdays on 970AM and 570AM and available as a podcast or on iheartradio. Brooklyn Conservative Chair Jerry Kassar and County Treasurer Ross Brady attended the taping of the program to air this Saturday 8/9/14, which featured Mike Long along with actor Tony Lobianco and a call-in from Republican and Conservative gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino.

Common Sense: Say Nothing!

When it comes to Andrew Cuomo’s Moreland Commission scandal- silence seems to be his order of the day. When it comes to NYC Council, leaking mock training session may have caused no turn-out. Loose lips sink ships..of state. What do you think? Read Jerry Kassar’s column “Common Sense: Say Nothing” in the Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator @

Brooklyn and Queens Conservatives Honor American Heritage and UFA Pres., Cassidy

(l-r): Queens Conservative Chair Tom Long, UFA Pres. and Dabrowski Award recipient Steve Cassidy, and Brooklyn Conservative Party Chair Jerry Kassar at 2014 American Heritage Dinner

The annual American Heritage Dinner was held on July 30th. Brooklyn hosted this year at El Caribe and good food, comraderie and speeches were shared. The Thaddeus S. Dabrowski Award was presented to Uniform Firefighters Association President Stephen Cassidy. Brooklyn Chair Jerry Kassar, Queens Chair Thomas Long, NYS Conservative Party Chair Mike Long, NYS Senators Golden and Goldfeder, NYS Assemblymember Malliotakis and NYC Councilmember Eric Ulrich paid respect and honor to the Conservative Party and to Mr. Cassidy and the brave men and women firefighters.