Brooklyn and Queens Conservatives Honor American Heritage and UFA Pres., Cassidy

(l-r): Queens Conservative Chair Tom Long, UFA Pres. and Dabrowski Award recipient Steve Cassidy, and Brooklyn Conservative Party Chair Jerry Kassar at 2014 American Heritage Dinner

The annual American Heritage Dinner was held on July 30th. Brooklyn hosted this year at El Caribe and good food, comraderie and speeches were shared. The Thaddeus S. Dabrowski Award was presented to Uniform Firefighters Association President Stephen Cassidy. Brooklyn Chair Jerry Kassar, Queens Chair Thomas Long, NYS Conservative Party Chair Mike Long, NYS Senators Golden and Goldfeder, NYS Assemblymember Malliotakis and NYC Councilmember Eric Ulrich paid respect and honor to the Conservative Party and to Mr. Cassidy and the brave men and women firefighters.

Common Sense: Cuomo Decommissioned

Will Andrew Cuomo’s Moreland Commission scandal come  tumbling down like a “House of Cards?” Did DeBlasio bring his own knife and fork to eat Pizza in Pisa? Will Obama continue to fiddle while the world burns and the U.S. is disregarded or ignored?

Find out what Jerry Kassar writes in this week’s issue of “Common Sense: Cuomo Decommissioned” in the Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator newspapers @

Assemblywoman Malliotakis: Other Priorities ahead of Benefits for border breachers

Assemblywoman Nicole Mallitotakis profiled in New York Daily News Article. She has her priorities straight  as to what needs to be addressed before benefits for young streaming across our borders. See

Assemblywoman: New York City has other priorities before helping migrant children streaming into U.S.

Common Sense: Unaffordable Care Act

Chairman Kassar’s column in Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator discusses soaring healthcare rates, Governor Cuomo’s ducking debates with Astorino, and National Review Online piece about Assemblywoman Malliotakis taking a stand against NYS Dream Act. see

Join us @ American Heritage Dinner on July 30, 2014 Saluting Steve Cassidy, President, NYC Uniformed Firefighters Association

The Conservative Party of Kings County and the Conservative Party of Queens County announced their annual American Heritage Dinner will be held on July 30, 2014. This year Brooklyn hosts the event at

El Caribe- 5945 Strickland Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Cocktails at 7 pm and Dinner and festivities at 8 pm.

Join friends and Party members as we salute Stephen Cassidy, President of the NYC Uniformed Firefighters Association and present him with the Thaddeus Dabrowski Memorial Award.

Congressional, Statewide and local elected officials and candidates have been invited and it is expected to be a stellar event. The American Heritage Dinner is a tradition and a highlight of the year.

Brooklyn attendees may reserve by sending checks payable to the Conservative Action Fund and mailing to 7317 12th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11228.

Tickets: $175 each

Benefactor: 2 tix for $450

Patron: 3 tix for $625.

Questions? call the Party or email

Hope to see you on July 30th!

Common Sense: Safe Streets by Jerry Kassar in Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator


Counseling the Council – this weeks Common Sense

Brooklyn Conservative Chair Jerry Kassar discusses the leftist NYC Council’s municipal ID card vote and the unsustainable house of cards that is the NYC budget; as well as the oversaturation of casino gambling in NYS in this weeks Common Sense column “Counseling the Council published in the Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator.

Has Obama Presidency been TKO’d?

It is normal for incumbent second term presidents to become “lame ducks” late in their second term, but even before the midterm the current occupant of the office seems to have quacked up. However, the old duck still seems combative and so perhaps boxing analogies may be more appropriate. In the pugilistic arts or the sweet science, when a boxer has suffered three knock downs, the referees call the bout a technical knockout! Some boxers’ corners even have the sense to know when to throw in the towel. Not our President. Beleaguered with foreign policy set backs and the sectarian violence in Iraq as the U.S. begins an ill-conceived full bug-out without a trained Iraqi military to keep order, the President bobs and weaves and changes the amount of “advisors” who may remain and blames Bush ‘41. A flood of children crash the border and the  Obama cut men put out the theory that it was the Bush Executive Order in 2008 which provided unaccompanied children be treated humanely and kept with family if they were not caught at border, while they await immigration court removal proceedings, that caused this rush. However, there was no rush between 2008 and 2013? It was President Obama’s Deferred Action Executive Order that caused the borders to overflow with desperate children seeking a better life. (  Although the cap for children to remain in U.S. is 29 and they must have been in the U.S. by 2007, news in the migrant circles and immigrant communities is notoriously unreliable, hopeful and full of charlatans who will prey on immigrants and families who believe they have some inside information that a Dream Act or even some form of amnesty is in the works. The President takes it on the chin for lack of any handling of the situation. Here he is still jabbing though seeking to his credit authority to speed up removal proceedings.

Now the President took a week of knockdowns on the domestic front. The Supreme Court walloped the President twice in a week in first finding his “recess” appointments unconstitutional as the Senate was not in recess and the President cannot breach the separation of powers by deeming it to be so; and then with the Hobby Lobby decision the Supreme Court upheld a private businesses right to be free of requirements under Obamacare that would force contraceptive coverage in contravention of the owners religious beliefs. While his press secretary claims ‘the constitutional lawyer in the oval office” disagrees with the Supreme Court, the President lost this one and he will not contravene the Court by Executive Order- Andrew Jackson he is not. Are we still waiting for the third knockdown or has that occurred. It is hard to tell with the U.S. in retreat, U.S. citizens imprisoned in Mexico and North Korea as well as in the Middle East, and the powers that be in Mexico, Iran, North Korea, thumbing there nose at the U.S.

President Obama is clearly on the ropes, holding on and occasionally trash talking. Is this Presidency done? If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck.. oh wait a minute that was the earlier analogy.. stay tuned for more sports analogies after the World Cup is done..

Obama A Sinking Ship – Read Common Sense in Home Reporter

Obama’s Iraq mess and local and State Conservative Party news in this week’s Common Sense by Brooklyn Chair Jerry Kassar as published in Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator:

Common Sense: Foreign Despondency

See Jerry Kassar’s column in Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator @

What do you think? Is Obama he weakest President since Buchanan or merely since Jimmy Carter?