The following was released by the NYS Conservative Party today..


Conservative Party of New York State

Press Release  ~  End of Session Reminder

For Immediate Release

June 18, 2013

Contact:  Shaun Marie


End of Session Reminder

Brooklyn, NY – The following was sent to the Members of the New York State Legislature as a reminder of where the Conservative Party stands on the major issues they will face as the legislative session draws to an end this week.

*  The Conservative Party is strongly opposed to the radical expansion of the abortion laws governing New York State and proposed in the Governor’s proposed Women’s Equality Act.

*  The Tax-Free zones proposed by the Governor acknowledges that New York’s spending has produced a state that taxes too much and produced an atmosphere that discourages the entrepreneurial spirit of New Yorkers.   Government  should not be deciding what business receives government handouts that give them advantages over other businesses.  The Conservative Party is opposed to the artificial support of businesses created by eliminating every tax for certain government favored business.

*  New York taxpayers should not be forced to financially support candidates who are diametrically opposed to what the taxpayer supports.  Public financing of campaigns leads to fraud, abuse and straw candidates and excessive waste of valuable taxpayer funds.

*  The most realistic reform to end the current wave of corruption in Albany is to institute term limits for all elected officials, every other proposal on the table will not change the recent lapse of ethics. Legislative members, instead of “strengthening” JCOPE should immediately pass a constitutional amendment that states if an elected official uses his office for personal gain or otherwise abuses the trust of that office (i.e. abusing staff) to the level of a felony, his or her pension will be  forfeited.

* Casino gambling is being sold as an economic opportunity for the decimated upstate New York economy.  The reality is that casino’s do not create economic activity, it takes money from other activities and more importantly it can very easily become a problem causing financial despair.  Casino’s are also reporting that revenues are off and most have declining revenues.

*  The proposal with the Oneida Indian Nation is a windfall for the Oneida Indians while it undermines the rule of law.  The original compact was never ratified;  the Nation collects sales taxes and never gives them to the state as required and the proposal will give the Nation even more — free land, de facto sovereignty and ill-gotten standing over legitimate Oneidas.  This is a terrible deal for New Yorkers and as history has proven, the “deal” will be one-sided.

*  The Federal Drug Administration is charged with the responsibility of protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy and security of human and veterinary drugs and should be the only agency to approve marihuana as a medicine.

State Headquarters:

486 78th Street
Ft. Hamilton Station, NY 11209

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