Lopez Resignation A Silver Lining for Sullied Assembly Speaker? Opportunity for Governor’s Radical Agenda?

Monday, May 21, 2013. As of 9 a.m. Assemblyman Vito Lopez resigned from the NYS Legislature after an investigation revealed details of the allegations of sexual harassment and impropriety with several women. The resignation comes after the Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver finally mentioned an intention to move to expel Lopez,as opposed to what the speaker did when some of the allegations arose- which was to pay off the accusers in hopes of not embarrassing the Assembly ( so how did that work out?)! Questions abound as to whether Lopez will run for the NYC Council and how the Assembly seat he vacates will be filled. Arguably since the Governor did not call a special election, Lopez himself could have appointed a successor – but that certainly would have taken a lot of chutzpah. Brooklyn Democratic County Chair Frank Seddio has urged Lopez not to run for the Council.

Silver has now called for the formation of an independent body to handle complaints against legislators. Such would be another body or layer of government to handle what should have been handled appropriately by the Speaker. ¬†Apparently, it would be necessary since a complainant cannot get respect or resolution from the Speaker’s office.

Not one to let a crisis go wasted, Governor Cuomo has now jumped on the bandwagon stating that this whole mess supports his “women’s equality” agenda. If Cuomo is interested in women’s equality, he would remove his radical abortion expansion clauses from his proposal, but as is the want of this governor, grand delusions, illusions and allusions, are the strategies of the game.

Stay tuned to see what else oozes out of the Albany cesspool!

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