New York State Senate Needs More Balls: Was Passage of Fast Tracked Anti-Gun Legislation a Cave-in to Cuomo’s Political Aspirations? What do you think?

Janury 15, 2013.. State Senator Greg Ball, the program Capital Tonight stated “We haven’t saved any lives tonight except for one: the political life of a governor that wants to be President.”

The New York State Senate passed legislation, the “Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act” or “SAFE ACT,” purported to expand the State ban on assault weapons and prevent the mentally ill from possessing fire arms. If we can get a link to or copy of the bill, we can try to post it.

The legislation also restricts permissible ammunition clips to 7 rounds, as they currently can hold 10, requires background checks for purchasers of ammunition. The legislation permits health care professionals to report to local mental health professionals individuals they believe are likely to hurt themselves or others and empower judges to order mentally ill patients receive outpatient treatment.

Does this legislation do what it purports?

According to an article in the New York Times a mental health professional actually stated the following: “The Prospect of being reported to local authorities, even if they do not have weapons, may be enough to discourage patients with suicidal or homicidal thoughts from seeking treatment or from being honest about their impulses.”

Part of the legislation mandates a life sentence without parole for anyone who murders a first responder, and prohibit disclosure of names in the new state gun registration database.

The late night legislation was worked out by the Governor and legislative leaders and rammed through the Senate. The three-day aging period for legislation in the Senate was waived.

State Senator Marchione of Saratoga is said to have praised some portions of the bill but is also quoted as stating ” I truly believe the Second Amendment constitutional freedoms of every New Yorker tonight has been weakened” and “Law-abiding citizens who own guns are not our problem.”

Join the conversation: Just some questions to address:

Is the legislation good amalgamation of  limited actions to protect the public and address assault weapons getting into the hands of mentally ill individuals who might do harm to themselves or others?

Is it too broad and a violation of Second Amendment rights?

Does it do what it purports to do?

Is it a major cave-in to the Governor, who aspires to call national attention to New York and further his own possible presidential ambitions?

What, if anything, does this legislation, and the way it was passed in the Senate, reflect about the Skelos-Klein coalition Senate, the now four-men in a room private dealing, and the state of the Senate?

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