Abortion, Dime Bags, and Casinos-State of Pottersville? or New York: How do you rate the State of the State?

Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his State of the State message today, which included a call for  “reproductive rights”under the cover of women’s equality, a free ride for those possessing 15 grams of marijuana, as he called to end stop and frisk, and more casinos (don’t call them racinos) in Upstate New York (no Casinos (or OTBS)) in New York City, assuming people would take the 3 plus hour ride upstate rather than the 2 hours or less it takes to get to Connecticut or Pennsylvania Casinos.

Surely Casinos cannot be the only source of revenue to pay for the increase in the minimum wage he seeks and the community centers he wishes to make out of public schools.  We will see how he believes NYS can fund such an agenda when the budget message comes out on Jan 22 and the budget shortly thereafter.

Some other items in the State of the State called for a “bar exam-like” examination for teachers and weeding out the underperforming educators. Is this a good step for the teaching “profession” that may help teachers be treated as professionals and thus the good teachers excel and earn as do our students? NY tech corridor all very promising and in the works for some time.

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