Anno Horribles? Will 2013 Be Better? Share Your thoughts with Brooklyn Conservatives

As we close 2012, one cannot help but linger over the most unfortunate and heinous events of the past few months. On a political note, the Brooklyn Conservative by-and- large had a successful election year in maintaining 2 State Senate seats and Assembly seats and fielding worthwhile candidates. Our candidates, including civil court candidates pulled many more votes, capturing votes from across Party lines, thus evidencing Conservative Party principles and the Party itself matter to those within and without our Party. On a state-wide level, the Party provided the margin of victory for 5 State Senate seats. The disaster that can be attributed in this category is on the federal level where we are saddled with four more years of Obamanomics and an agenda that has not helped the middle class and is inopposite to our views. On a State level, we have a coalition State government that is subject to liberal “litmus test” set by the Governor and favored by the Independent Democratic Caucus, which includes a so-called “reproductive rights” bill and legalization of marijuana as a start. It is unknown whether the Republicans can stand firm or hold leverage. Will there be a dimes worth of difference among legislators? We shall shortly see.

More serious disasters include Hurricane Sandy, which took lives, devastated lives and continues to affect people. Prayers to all and thanks to those that help others. What can be taken from this disaster, or a glimmer of light, is the fact that during and after the hurricane, the power of humanity and compassion from private individuals came pouring out from all quarters. Government aid is key, but private compassion will always be needed above all.

We come to a closing of the year with an unspeakable massacre in Connecticut, where 27 souls were taken from earth at the hands of a mentally-ill child with a semi-automatic weapon. The nation pauses, indeed the world is with the families of Sandy Hook. Debates will rage and politicians of good will or not will assign this tragedy as a call for legislation about guns or focus on the mentally ill. It is unknown if anything could have prevented the tragedy. The main thing going forward is not to assign blame or vilify believers in Constitutional rights, but to protect our children and fortify our society so that senseless tragedies are prevented. This can mean safety measures at schools and enforcing gun laws already enacted. It must mean that all parties share in the cause of humanity and not retreat to partisan pride.

As 2012 ends, we look to 2013 and pray for unity and comity as well as compassion. This is the season of  “peace on earth and good will toward man” but perhaps the season can be extended throughout the year.  Mayoral elections in NYC loom, a “fiscal cliff” is nearing. As we near the end of 2012, Americans are still out of work despite the “saving or creating” of jobs touted by the current administration in Washington, there are critical infrastructure needs that persist and countless other items that need to be addressed.

Perhaps 2013 will be a better year can we make it so? What do you think? How was your 2012 and what do you wish for 2013? Join the conversation at this blog and/or on Facebook.

If we do not post before the New Year, please accept our belated Hannukah wishes, wishes for a Merry and meaningful Christmas, 3-Kings Day, Kwansaa, and if we missed a holiday, whichever it may be- may it bring you closer to your faith and to each other.

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