Marty Shines Golden as he shows why he is favored for Re-Election in 22nd SD Senate Race

October 10- Dyker Heights Brooklyn. – NYS Senator Martin J. Golden, Conservative and Republican candidate for re-election to the State Senate on November 1st proved effective at reaching out and communicating with the people of the 22nd State Senate District on Tuesday night. The Dyker Heights Civic Association is a non-partisan community group and has held candidate debates over the many years of its existence, serving the community and putting the needs of the community before elected officials and candidates of all political stripes. Tuesday nights debates were no exception.

The debates give residents the opportunity to hear the candidates for an extended period of time and in further depth than they may encounter at campaign stops. The debate between the current State Senator Marty Golden and his erstwhile challenger Andrew Gionardis was substantive. It is clear that Golden represents the community well in Albany, has seniority and brings back services and needed funding for seniors and residents of all demographics. The exchange clarifies once more why Senator Golden has the support of the Conservative Party. Voters should not be complacent. While the top of the tickets may waver in polls, voters must come out and support their candidates.

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