Wendy Long Calls Out for Freedom on Cost of Government Day

A release from Wendy Long assesses August 5th, 2012 as the date New Yorkers finally finish paying their burden to the government for the year.  What do you think?
“Cost of Government” 2012 Freedom Day
Weeks after most of America, New Yorkers finally working for themselves not for Senator Gillibrand’s bloated, nanny state government

New York, New York – Tomorrow, August 5th, is a big day for hardworking New Yorkers: it’s New York State’s “Cost of Government Day.”
2012 Freedom Day, the day the average worker in New York has finally paid her or his share of the total government burden.  Shockingly, over 200 days into the year, the average New Yorker has spent the entire time at work this year paying for the cost of government.
Although the “Cost of Government Day” nationwide fell on July 15th this year, New York State’s day is almost a month later, ranking it 2nd in the nation.
U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long said, “When you add a deficit approaching 16 trillion, a bloated federal government, and a phony stimulus on top of one the highest state and local tax burdens in the nation, you have a recipe for an economic mess. It’s no wonder that New York is lagging the nation in job growth: you have to work an extra month just to be free of government.”
The components in the report are made of up federal spending, federal regulations, state and local spending, as well as state and local regulations.  Federal spending and regulations make up the majority of the cost.
Historically, from 2003 to 2012, tax increases in New York have caused it to be ranked 47th in the country in measuring tax freedom, only being out-taxed by New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island.  This also marks the fourth consecutive year that the national “Cost of Government Day” fell in July.  Prior to the past four years, the day has never fallen after June 26th.
“It’s sad,” continued Long, “we’re over 200 days into the calendar year, and we’re just now crossing the threshold of what the average New Yorker has to labor for in order to support the government. Proponents of big nanny state government like Senator Gillibrand have put New Yorkers in this position.  Senator Gillibrand has continuously favored tax increases, wasteful spending and clearly doesn’t care about the burden she has placed on middle class New Yorkers.”

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