Wendy Long Shined at State Party 50th Anniversary – Looks Ahead to June 26th Primary in Republican Party

Many Brooklyn Conservatives attended the New York State Conservative Party’s 50th Anniversary dinner this past week. Jim Buckley spoke of his victorious run for U.S. Senate in 1970 as the Conservative candidate. Another parallel was drawn when Barbara Keating, the Party’s first female candidate and the current candidate Wendy Long appeared at the same event. Wendy Long’s qualifications and her electrifying campaign was commented on by all who attended, including the keynote speaker Sean Hannity, syndicated radio and television host and enrolled Conservative. Hannity subsequently endorsed Wendy Long. It was noted that Kirsten Gillibrand has been rated the most liberal U.S. Senator and needs to be challenged by the most Conservative candidate. Many Republicans were also in attendance and were reminded that there is a  Republican primary for U.S. Senate on June 26th. The Conservative Party is urging all Republicans to turn out to vote for Wendy Long and the Party believes she best represents the needs and aspirations of New Yorkers and has the credentials and will to beat back Obamacare and oppose New York’s other liberal Senator.

A great night was had for the State Conservative Party and its friends. Wendy Long will be the Conservative Party candidate for U.S. Senate in November. It is hoped that both the Conservative Party and the Republican Party will be united behind Wendy Long after the primary on Tuesday, June 26th. It will be up to the Republicans to make that happen.

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