Your Brooklyn Conservatives Slate of Candidates

 The Kings County Conservative Party strongly supports the following candidates for office. Volunteers to elect our candidates are always welcome. Call 718-921-2158:

Governor: Carl Paladino

Lt. Governor: Gregory J. Edwards

State Comptroller: Harry J. Wilson

Attorney General: Daniel Donavan

United States Senate: Jay Townsend

United States Senate: Joseph DioGuardi

NYC Council: 44th District – David G. Greenfield

8th Congressional District: Susan Kone

9th Congressional District: Robert Turner

10th Congressional District: Ernest Johnson

11th Congressional District: Hugh C. Carr

12th Congresional District: Alice Gaffney

13th Congrssional Distict Michael G. Grimm

17th NYS Senatorial District: Michael E. Freeman-Saulsberre

18th NYS Senatorial District: Laquan Word

19th NYS Senatorial District: Rose Laney

21st NYS Senatorial District: Brian Kelly

22nd NYS Senatorial District: Martin J. Golden

27th NYS Senatorial District: Avrahom Rosenberg

40th NYS Assembly District: Kennethe Waluya

41st NYS Assembly District: Alan Bellone

43rd NYS Assembly District: Menachem M. Raitport

44th NYS Assembly District: Alfred Caccamo

45th NYS Assembly District: Joseph Hayon

47th NYS Assembly District: Phyllis Carbo

48th NYS Assembly District:: Brian T. Doherty

49th NYS Assembly District: Peter Cipriano

50th NYS Assembly District: Jacqueline Haro

51st NYS Assembly District: Harry Lallave

52nd NYS Assembly District:: John Jasilli

54th NYS Assembly District:: Khorshed Chowdhury

55th NYS Assembly District: Robert A. Marshall

59th NYS Assembly District:: Robert Maresca

60th NYS Assembly District: Nicole Malliotakis.

Brooklyn Civil Court Judge: Vincent F. Martusciello

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