Senator Golden Sponsors Legislation to Allow Use of Public Schools by Religious Institutions During Non-School Hours

Senator Golden Champions common-sense legislation. The following was posted on his website which can be linked at:

I would like to let you know that legislation I sponsored, S. 6087A, which allows religious institutions to use public school buildings for worship services during non-school hours, has unanimously passed the Senate Education Committee.As the freedom of religion is a basic principle of this great nation, it is only then sensible that religious institutions, holding services open to the public, be allowed to do so in public school buildings.  Organizations based on faith deserve the same rights as all other groups, and because of their beliefs, should not be held to a different standard.  These misguided polices that have been put into place do nothing more than detract from the right to worship. 

This legislation will give religious institutions the right to worship without interfering with the separation of church and state.  These groups will now have the right to meet when school is not in session, and gives a home back to many religious groups whom were kicked out of facilities that they have used for over a decade.

S6087A was introduced in response to the New York City Department of Education banning religious groups for holding worship services inside school buildings.

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