Brooklyn Conservatives Hail Mayor’s Decision to Remove Unlawful Protesters and Justice’s Decision to Deny Injunction

The Kings County Conservative Party supports Mayor Bloomberg’s actions in removing the marauding mindless people occupying private property while usurping space meant for the use and enjoyment of the entire public. The “protesters” have exceeded their welcome in the community without any formulated message or coherent speech. While first amendment rights to free speech and peaceful assembly are supreme, they are not absolute. Tent structures, creating a nuisance or worse, the purported criminal activity, dangerous atmosphere, and violation of property rights could not and should not have been allowed to continue. The mayor took lawful and correct action in ousting the usurpers, cleaning up the park, which had harbored a stench, while not speaking to these people’s right to speech. Actions are also not  protected speech and time, place, and manner restrictions in this case are wholly appropriate in the exercise of legitimate police powers to protect public safety.

Supreme Court Justice Michael Stallman has denied a motion by some of the “occupiers” to require the City to allow them to return to the property. It is a correct decision.

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