Bob Turner- 9th CD- Winner, Raphael Espinal – 54th AD – Winner. Oh yes, and Jerry Kassar- Kings County Chairman – Winner

Congratulations are in order for Bob Turner the winner of the race to fill the 9th Congressional District office in the election September 13th. We expect Turner will be superb. Likewise, congratulations to Raphael Espinal, the winner and Conservative Party candidate for the 54th Assembly District.

CITY HALL newspaper also cites our Chairman Jerry Kassar as a winner for his forward thinking and hard work in the victories in the election. The following is quoted from the story:

Jerry Kassar – All happy with the results in NY-9, hail Kassar! The Brooklyn Conservative Party chair essentially forced the hand of the Queens Republicans when it came time to choose Bob Turner over attorney Juan Reyes. In hindsight, as with so many things, this seems a savvy choice. Bonus points are in order, as Kassar is Sen. Marty Golden’s chief of staff. The Brooklyn-based Republican state senator is said to be a top target of New York Senate Democrats in the next election, but Turner’s star turn adds more elephants to the outer boroughs, complicating the Dems’ isolate-and-conquer strategy. For Kassar, that’s a step in the right direction…pun intended.

The full article can be reached at the follwing URL where you can also vote for Jerry as the biggest winner of the week:

In addition to Jerry, special thanks to all who helped and who came out to have their votes counted. The voters and members of the 54th AD and the 9th CD – you are the winners.

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