Plan Accordingly: 9th Congressional Race:Candidate Weprin Pulled Out of Debate on Issues Scheduled for Tonight

August 29, 2011: We wish to inform people who are planning to attend the 9th Congressional District debate with candidates Turner and Weprin, scheduled for this evening and sponsored in part by the Juniper Park Civic Association and Times Newsweekly, that it has come to our attention that Mr. Weprin has pulled out of the debate. The Weprin campaign cites the bad weather following hurricane Irene as the reason. The Turner campaign has sent press releases noting that the roads and paths are clear and urging Weprin to attend. The Turner people also believe that Weprin may be laying low after a poor performance during a question and answer session.

Whatever the reason may be, the people of the 9th CD deserve to hear from their candidates, not surrogates and certainly don’t deserve to have a debate canceled. It is trying times such as we all just experienced that give even more reason to question those seeking to represent us.

Both candidates should plan on showing up to address the people and debate the issues. We hope that Mr. Weprin may change his mind and that Mr. Turner will likewise attend as scheduled. It is up to the people of the district to decide whether they should attend this evening according to their own situations. We post this notice to alert them that a candidate may not attend, so that they can decide what to do for themselves. If we find out anything different, we will update.

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