SOUND OFF: WHAT DO YOU THINK?: BOB TURNER is RUNNING FOR CONGRESS in 9th CD. Is his opponent Weprin hedging his bets or planning to bail out on the constituents?

With the race for the 9th Congressional seat trending close, one would think both candidates are focused on the campaign and the duties for the 9th. Bob Turner has been campaigning for the seat with vigor and has met a vast number of residents whom he wants to represent. Both candidates have endorsement. It appears that David Weprin is eying another race. A campaign website appears to be under construction for an Assembly race for Weprin. See

Is Weprin running scared of losing the race for the 9th to Turner? Does he plan to dump his constituents if he wins and run for the Assembly? Is he preparing himself should the district be districted out of existence?

The residents of the 9th CD deserve a candidate intersted in representing them and focused on this race at this time.

What do you think? Feel free to comment.

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