ELECTION ALERT: WE WANT YOU!- to Help Win Elections- It’s GOTV time!


Now is the time to turn words into deeds and come out in support of Conservative Party candidates. Your vote on election day is critical. Please contact us to let us know if you can do more. Leave a comment and someone will return your call and/or email.

Come help with telephone calls, lit distribution and other general assistance. Assistance is needed at Party Headquarters and out in the field – at all times between now and the closing of polls on election day.

Conservatives are known for rolling up our sleeves and doing the work needed in support of our candidates and our principles. It is also a great opportunity to meet and interact with fellow conservatives.

If you need help or transportation – let us know as well. It is all hands on deck and go time. Can we count on you? – let us know.

Leave a reply ASAP. or call Headquarters @ 718-921-2158

With many thanks.

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