Check out, volunteer, donate , and most of all cast your ballot for Brian Doherty in the 48th Assembly District. His biography is presented below and you can visit his website:


I was born the fifth of six children in Crown Heights Brooklyn. My parents were Irish immigrants who came to this country knowing that it held the promise of a life and opportunities that did not exist in the land they left behind.

     After my parents settled in Midwood, Brooklyn I attended St. Brendan’s Catholic Grammar School and Edward R. Murrow Public High School. After graduation, I spent several years working for a brokerage house on Wall Street but while the work was interesting, it left me unfulfilled. A strong desire for public service beckoned and in 1987, I entered the New York City Police Academy, following my older brother who joined a few years earlier.

     The next 22 years was an odyssey of laughter, tears  and sometimes sheer terror. But more than anything I had a feeling of pride at having served the city that I called home while performing a job I loved. I served my entire career in Brooklyn. I was assigned to commands in Bedford Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Brownsville and Sunset Park as a uniformed patrolman and in Downtown Brooklyn and the Narcotics Division as a Sergeant.

     My wife is a city schoolteacher and we were married in 1997 . We settled here in Bay Ridge in a home on the block where my wife grew up. We have been blessed with three beautiful daughters, two of whom attend public grammar school and the youngest in nursery school right here in the neigborhood.

     My upbringing in an immigrant household combined with a lifetime of public service has instilled in me a deep appreciation of the greatness of this country and all of the opportunities it guarantees. My long career in the Police Department made me keenly aware that all that is necessary for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing. I decided to enter Politics because of a natural tendency towards public service and for the simple fact that I felt that I could no longer “do nothing” as our State Government falls into the hands of people that are spending us into the abyss. Our future and our children’s future are in serious peril and I intend to do something about it.

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