A View from a FARR: THEY Are the Killers

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THEY Are the Killers. Ed Farr

Al Franken, Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi are making the rounds telling everyone that people  will die if the Republican health plan is passed. Everyone dies, but they want to claim it’s our fault. Next they will be calling us murderers.

Democrats like over-the-top hype.  They are notorious for brilliant feats of rhetoric to inflame the stupid.  That’s why William Jennings Brian won the Democrat nomination after  the “cross of gold” speech. They aren’t interested in reasoning together.  They only respect belligerence.  When your son-in-law announces that conservatives want poor people to die, try saying this:

“YOU want EVERYONE to die.  Look at Sanders, Schumer, Franken, Warren, Pelosi—every one of them is for single-payer socialized medicine.  You know what that is? That’s death.  That’s an automatic cap on care.  That’s people dying on waiting lists. That’s death because of poor equipment. Want a preview of socialist medicine; look at the VA.

“If health care is a necessity then so are food, transportation, housing and other stuff.  Must they be socialized too?  Guess what the world’s greatest killer is. Socialism! It has killed more people in a shorter time than war, disease or natural disaster.

“Obama-care has failed. Do you want to keep a failed system? Democrats designed it to fail and leave the country crying for single-payer. If they did then they bear the guilt for those who have died already.  If they didn’t then it’s time for conservatives to go in and clean up the mess before they kill anyone else.”

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