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1st of 3 Opinion Pieces contributed by Ed Farr – Democrats Care For the Little Guy So They Can Rob Him.

The first law of politics is power. Power goes to those who fight for it. Successful politicians can fight clean or dirty but the standard mode of the Democrats is corrupt to its core. The Democrat way is simple to state. They use public money to buy votes. Public money is your money received in taxes. It is used against you in various ways.

Keep single moms single and dependent on government. Support public sector unions and keep them dependent on government. Create huge bureaucracies. Hire millions who depend on government. Take over student lending. Make colleges dependent on government. The list goes on.

Republicans can be accused of doing the same sort of things. Lucky for them, the Conservatives are there to keep reminding them who they are. Democrats though, have found a way to take the concept to unheard of levels. They don’t limit vote buying to the yearly tax receipts. They have latched on to some economic absurdities that open new forms of corruption.

The worst tool of corruption is inflation. Inflation hurts the poor first and the weak worst. Here’s how it happens.

The Federal Reserve (the Fed) creates new money by buying government debt. They pay for it by creating accounts out of nothing. They don’t even print money. They just give the government a checkbook and a balance.

The government is the “first receiver.” The new money goes to government purchases. Those who sell to government are second receivers. The money is spent again, going to third receivers and so on. Early receivers get their stuff cheap but their spending drives up prices. When late receivers begin to get some of that money prices are inflated. The last receivers are retired people, the weak, the infirm, the working poor. Democrats claim to care about such people. They only care about their votes while they keep them poor and dependent on government.

More on this in my next article.

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