Guest Contributor Ed Farr “For the Green Left Islam is a Threat”

For the Green Left Islam is a Threat. by Ed Farr

By the Green Left I mean leftists who push the global warming argument. If scientists agree that we must change our behavior to save the planet then Islam should scare the boots off them.

There are 1.6 billion Muslims. In 50 to 70 years experts predict 13 billion people on earth, half of them Muslim. If you are younger than 40 you may still be around. Renewable energy for such a mass would require vast areas covered with various gizmos yet to be invented. Forget about forests. There won’t be room. Forget about governments too. Given a Muslim majority, a world caliphate is practically unavoidable.

Can we expect that Islam will evolve into a tolerant faith, like Christianity has? It’s unlikely and here’s why. Moderate Muslims exist mostly where they are protected among Christians, Jews, atheists and so forth. The oppressed Uighurs in China are at least safe from other Muslims. Under a world caliphate this will no longer be so.

Moderate Muslims are non-violent by definition. The non-violent always succumb when violence is in power. History gives examples. The Third Reich, the Soviet Union, the Ottoman Empire and Belgian Africa were ruled through violence.

Islam is about submission, not reason. In the 9th century, Islam began its retreat from logic and reason. Muslim theology is not required to make sense. You read the Quran and follow instructions. Science is immaterial. Some clerics claim there are warnings about climate change in the Quran but this has had little impact on Islamic nations. Fundamentalist Muslims are not big on population control or saving the world. Many welcome global warming as an end-of-days scenario. The sciences they do best are fossil fuel and war.

Hope requires that enlightened Muslims win out against the fanatics. This hinges on a debate over the Quran itself. Some say it was written. Others say it was revealed. If the “revealed” crowd wins out life will be hard for the Green Left. Al Gore should think about this, but he’s the guy who sold out to Al Jazeera as I recall.

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