Farr Sight: Brazil Makes History, Impeaches First Woman President

The following is commentary by Member Ed Farr
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Brazil Makes History: Impeaches First Woman President
(Ed Farr, 5/12/16)
You have to feel sorry for former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff who left office today. Fate
placed her in an impossible, though predictable situation. She should have looked at Venezuela
and observed the melt-down of President Nicolas Maduro.
Both of these heads of South American leftist regimes suffer from the same problem. They
follow charismatic revolutionaries who used up all the loose change and lending capital. In
Venezuela poor Mr. Maduro followed the originator of the Bolivarian revolution— Hugo
Chávez, who conveniently died. What timing; he abandoned the former bus driver behind the
wheel of the nation just as the price of oil fell. Socialism had destroyed Venezuela’s economic
base, leaving the country dependent on one commodity.
Now Maduro walks the halls of Palacio de Miraflores hoping his body guard doesn’t defect in
the night. It’s like a strange Honeymooner’s episode where Ralph Cramden vacations in an
exotic land and finds himself made dictator on the eve of a revolution.
Rousseff is lucky in that she will get through this alive. Her predecessor, Luiz da Silva, known
as “Lula,” was similarly charismatic if not as radically socialist as Chauvez. He presided over
the usual burst of socialist prosperity financed by using up existing capital and borrowing. He
demonized the rich while insuring that a clique of insiders controlled the national oil monopoly.
Petrobras was run as a cash cow for management and for Lula’s political goals. Ms. Rousseff
takes the rap.
Meanwhile Argentina is making headway against a massive debt and history of default. The new
president, Mauricio Macri, is more business friendly than his predecessor, Cristina Fernández de
Kirchner. She was not Argentina’s first leftist female president to destroy the economy. The first
was Eva Peron. Both made economic messes for later presidents to clean up.
What does any of this have to do with being a woman? Nothing, obviously. It just shows that
electing a president based on gender is as stupid as discriminating against her. A leftist is a
leftist. Male or female, they all do the same kind of damage.

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