Conservative Party Recommends Voting Yes to Ballot Proposal to Revise State Redistricting Procedure

State Party Press Release on our Position in favor of Districting Reform
Press Release

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October 1, 2014                                                     518-356-7882



Brooklyn, NY – The New York State Conservative Party supports the passage of the statewide Proposal Number One on the November 4th Ballot. Chairman, Michael R. Long, noted that the recommended revised redistricting procedure gave the public ample opportunity for input and has established the principles necessary to comply with constitutional requirements. The Conservative Party position follows:

Proposal Number One:   YES

Revising State’s Redistricting Procedure

Every ten years, New York State residents are redistricted according to the new census numbers, and every ten years, districts are decimated by the political whims of those in power. Small upstate Counties are carved into five or more pieces and some districts sliver through numerous counties with nothing in common. Proposal Number One – Revising State’s Redistricting Procedure – should be adopted by the voters of New York State.

The proposed amendment establishes principles to be applied in creating districts by a redistricting commission, which must be drawn consistently with the requirements of the federal and state constitutions and federal statutes. These principles include:

  • No district lines may result in the prohibited denial or abridgement of racial or language minority voting rights. Districts cannot be drawn to have the purpose of or result in the denial or abridgement of such rights.
  • To the extent practicable, districts must contain as nearly as may be an equal number of inhabitants. The commission must provide a specific public explanation for any deviation that exists.
  • Each district must consist of contiguous territory and be as compact in form as practicable.
  • Districts cannot be drawn to discourage competition or for the purpose of favoring or disfavoring incumbents or other particular candidates or political parties.
  • Maintenance of cores of existing districts, of pre-existing political subdivisions, and of communities of interest must be considered.

Twelve public hearings must be held throughout the state and notice must be given to the public and they must be able to review the proposals before the hearings.   Once submitted to the Assembly and the Senate in one bill, the Legislature cannot amend the bill.

There is a procedure in place if the Legislature fails to pass the bill or the Governor vetoes it and there are not enough votes for an override.

The Conservative Party supports the passage of Proposal Number One, Revising the State’s Redistricting Procedure.


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