Conservative Party Organizes: Kassar Re-Elected Brooklyn Chairman; Mike Long Re-Elected NYS Chair

The Kings County Conservative Party met on September 17, 2014 for its organizational meeting. The following officers were elected: Gerard Kassar: Chairman; Frances Vella-Marrone: Vice Chair; David Ryan: Executive Secretary; Ross Brady: Treasurer.

Brooklyn Conservatives proudly attended the NYS Conservative Party Organizing meeting in Albany on September 23, 2014. Brooklyn Chairman Jerry Kassar nominated Mike Long for another term as State Party Chairman and Long was elected and thanked the Party. Brooklyn Vice Chair Fran Vella-Marrone was elected to another term as State Party Treasurer. Long rallied the troops for the challenges ahead and the principled fight for our State ticket and all of our candidates and issues. See photos below:

Brooklyn Chairman Jerry Kassar Nominates Michael Long for State Chairman

Frances Vella-Marrone, Brooklyn Vice Chair was reelected NYS Party Treasurer

Michael Long, Re-Elected NYS Conservative Party Chairman Rallied the Party

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