Of  the many ridiculous items to come forth from both the sides of City Hall this year, the Chair of the Education Committee, Daniel Dromm (D-Queens) according to the NY POST, wants the Junior ROTC out of High Schools. He cites “philosophical differences” and claims the ROTC is training students to be “war machines.”


He further went on to play an inexplicable race card by noting, without any attribution, that the programs exist where there are more persons of color.  What a ridiculous and irresponsible card to play. The ROTC is voluntary and the participants learn, not only about military life and codes, but about civics, responsibility, respect for each other and for their community and country, among life lessons and practical skills to last a lifetime. They learn about team work and leadership. The ROTC gives youth a chance to excel and offers opportunities not offered by the schools or by hanging out on the streets.

The City Council, and particularly the Chair of Education needs to focus on bringing back civics to the school curriculum, to providing schools with the tools to educate and help our students grow into the men and women who will be productive members of society. The Junior ROTC is not a mandatory military group. Give the kids a chance to belong to something greater if they so choose and to learn life lessons. In the current state of education, the Junior ROTC may be among the only opportunities a student, of any race, color or creed may have.

Let’s hope this was an ill-considered thought that would not go any further, rather than a further march to the left- one so far left it leaves students out of opportunities. New York is still part of America. Can we act a bit like we are proud of such and at the very least help, rather than take away from what our schools have to offer?

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