Brooklyn Conservatives Call on NYC Council to Defeat Intro 253- Municipal ID

Brooklyn Conservatives’ Statement on Municipal ID cards – NYC Council Intro 253:

The NYC Council is poised to vote on legislation by Councilman Menchaca, and supported by the Mayor and Speaker, for Municipal ID Cards for all New Yorkers including “undocumented” persons in the country without legal status and meant to help elderly, low-income, “transgendered” persons who would find it difficult or inconvenient to get an ID from the DMV. These cards are unnecessary for most as the documentation to get them are enough proof of identity and those who cannot can still get IDs to pay taxes- which helps when they are before an immigration judge or the CIS to adjust status. The arguments for convenience for those who are elderly or infirmed do not hold up as there are discounts at DMV and the way to resolve that problem is to address the delays at DMV. In addition, these IDs cannot possibly be used as identification for employment or for obtaining any state or federal benefit- at least not legally. E-verify is still in existence and social security match letters still go out to employers where there is a lack of a match.

NYC can give prenatal benefits to the babies and healthcare to US citizen infants, it can instruct police so persons in the country without status can cooperate with authorities, and can collect taxes without a municipal id card.

One opinion expressed by Seth Barron in CITY & STATE ( )is that this is a first in a “progressive” attempt to allow non citizens to vote in municipal elections – a right and privilege reserved to citizens and not to be given out like toilet paper for political gain. Supporters do not help people but dangerously place their city and even their national security up for sale. We must steadfastly oppose these ridiculous wrongheaded and dangerous proposals.

Call – write – get down to the City Council and demand the Defeat of Intro 253!

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