NYS Assembly Passes Dream Act for 2d Year, Up to Senate to Protect Students Now

The NYS Assembly passed the NYS Dream Act.  Assembly Speaker Silver stated that about $27 million has been budgeted. The act permits students in the country illegally to draw tuition assistance just as natural born students or permanent residents may. While education is important to everyone, it is a totally misplaced priority to put American Citizens and legal residents in competition for a finite pool of funds with those who are not in the country in legal status. It is wrong regardless of the circumstances that may cause students to be out of status in the U.S. There is a difference as well, between permitting certain individuals who are out of status from attending college and allowing private donations to fund it, and providing taxpayer funds to pay for it and worse constrict the amount of funds available for citizens and legal residents.

We are proud of Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis (R-C 64AD)who voted against the bill again and is quoted on NY1. She stated “[t]he priorities are backwards here. We should be focusing on people who are struggling. Middle class, American students and legal immigrants who are here and struggling, graduating with $26,000 average debt.”

The bill heads to the Senate, where its future is uncertain, but the Governor has indicated he will sign the bill if it passes and the Democrats are almost unanimously in support.  We urge a no vote on this Dream Act.

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