Has Every Commissioner at the NYC Board of Elections Except Brooklyn’s Shamoun Gone Insane? Shameful

Faced with charges of nepotism, negligence, abdication of duty, and what can best be called incompetence, the NYC Board of Elections struck back at the Department of Investigation for issuing its report and for its investigative techniques. Did the Board do so, with an answer contesting or refuting the charges or explaining the numerous examples in the report? No. Did it answer and put in place policies to ensure legaility and competence. No. A Mea Culpa?- No. In an act of pure insanity and attempt to shift the focus from the monumental voter fraud that occurs under its watch, the Board of Elections voted to ask the 5 District Attorneys in the City of New York to investigate DOI for its actions in having unregistered voters write-in vote in elections – all as “John Test” according to the Daily News. The Daily News also reported that the BOE is asking NYS Attorney Eric Schneiderman, the NYC Corporation Counsel and Mayor De Blasio to get involved.

This is pure madness. If the legitimacy of the Board of Elections as it operates was not already in question, it certainly is now.  The District Attorney’s, the NYS Attorney General and elected officials should keep pressure where it belongs and it certainly belongs on the Board of Elections, especially after its defensive action and lack of any indication or attempt at remediating the serious charges brought against it in the DOI report.

Thank goodness Brooklyn Commissioner Simon Shamoun stands head and shoulders above his fellow Commissioners. He is competent and conscientious. The Daily News agrees, stating : “The only commissioner with any sense: Simon Shamoun, Brooklyn Republican, who voted no .” Let’s hope the rest of the Board can gain some sense. See : http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/insanely-insane-article-1.1569233#ixzz2ppzqdSP9

DOI Report at http://www.nyc.gov/…/BOE%20Unit%20Report12-30-2013.pdf

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