Happy Thanksgiving and Chanukah- enjoy the Common Sense

Happy Thanksgiving to all and Happy Chanukah to those  of us celebrating. Both holidays share the impetus to give thanks and recognize triumph over adversity. May we all experience more triumph and less adversity.

Unfortunately with a healthcare debacle, a President doing his Neville Chamberlain impression, democratic socialist (communist) incoming at City Hall and calls to allow non-citizens to vote, there is a lot to look past in order to remember to be thankful.

Read Brooklyn Chairman Jerry Kassar’s column discussing the movements by the Governor and NYC Mayor-Elect to add taxes and allow non-citizens to vote, as well as the on-going Obamacare breakdown – in this weeks Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator @ http://www.homereporternews.com/news/opinion/common-sense-keep-the-sales-tax-exemption/article_f14b82e2-5613-11e3-8ed7-001a4bcf887a.html

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