Why Voting For DA Charles Hynes on Conservative or Republican Lines is Just Common Sense!

DA Charles Hynes, the best qualified candidate, who is and always has been running with the Conservative and Republican Ballot Lines, is in the race to win it with heavy Democrat support.  In an extremely low turnout Democratic Primary Hynes didn’t get the Democratic line bases on 9 percent of Dems. Oh, the remorse of those who didn’t come out to vote. They get another chance in the general election and have every reason to vote on another Party line.  It’s Just Common Sense.

Read Chairman Kassar’s Column:  ”Common Sense: DA Hynes.” @ http://www.homereporternews.com/opinion/common-sense-da-hynes/article_4b6afae4-35c3-11e3-bbed-001a4bcf887a.html

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