NYC Council Override of Mayor’s Veto Endangers Lives Turns Clock Back on Crime Reduction

Override of Mayor’s veto of outside IG for NYPD a downright pandering shame, endangering lives and threatening to undo reduction in crime of 34 % in past 12 years alone. Reform of Stop, Question, and Frisk does not require an outside IG and while the City appeals Judge Shira Sheindlin’s ruling, which includes a fed monitor, the City Council should do nothing. All part of the sound and fury signifying little as the facially neutral policy can and should be practiced efficiently and without bias to protect all, including those in vulnerable populations. Those claiming a victory today, have lost more than they imagine.

Our Future Mayor needs to stand up for the Police and for the facially and racially neutral practice of Stop, Question, and Frisk. We know Conservative Party Candidates such as Mayoral candidate Joe Lhota support our Men and Women in Blue!

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