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Conservative Party Candidates for Public Office- Vote Conservative Nov 6, 2018

Get out and Vote November 6th, 2018. Polls open 6am to 9pm in New York. Make it count- Vote Conservative: For each race Make Sure You Vote only once and vote Conservative. The Brooklyn Conservatives urge a No Vote on all 3 ballot proposals on the flip side of the ballot. Here are the Conservative Party candidates:

Governor: Marc Molinaro Lt. Governor: Julie Killian

Attorney General: Keith Wofford State Comptroller: Jonathan Trichter

U.S. Senate: Chele Farley

Congress:   7CD- Joseph Lieberman

8th CD- Ernest Johnson

9th CD – Luthi Gayot

10th CD – Naomi Levin

11th CD- Dan Donovan

State Senate: 17th SD – Simcha Felder

19th SD – Jeffrey J. Ferretti

21st SD – Brian Kelly

22nd SD- Martin J. Golden

23rd SD – David Krainert

26th SD – Stuart J. Avrick

State Assembly:  42nd AD Matthew Williams

44th AD Yevgeny Goldberg

46thAD Steven Saperstein

47th AD – Florence LaSalle

48th AD Simcha Eichenstein

49th AD Rosemary Mangino

52nd AD – Daniel Ramos

54th AD – Khorshed Chowdhury

59th AD Brandon Washington

60th AD Horrie Johnson

64th AD Nicole Malliotakis

Supreme Court:  Devin P. Cohen

Anthony R. Caccomo

Ingrid Joseph

Michael G. Weston

Eric I. Prus

Sylvia O. Hinds-Radix

Lisa S. Ottley

Civil Court – Vincent F. Martusciello