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Malliotakis Slams Brooklyn DA’s Dual Justice System

Assemblyemember Malliotakis Released the Following Today
CONTACT:  Paul Marrone
April 24, 2017
Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R,C,I,Ref – Brooklyn, Staten Island) issues the following statement with regard to the policy recently announced by Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez to consider lesser charges against undocumented immigrants to avoid deportation by federal authorities:
“It is outrageous that a District Attorney, whose job is to enforce the laws of our city and state and ensure that victims receive justice, would create a situation that allows an individual to plea down to a lesser crime simply because he or she is undocumented.  This unfairly creates two justice systems: one for citizens, and one for illegal immigrants, with citizens facing harsher penalties.”
The press release issued by District Attorney Gonzalez’s office announcing the new policy can be viewed here:

A View From a Farr- 2 of 3: Inflation is Old as Greed and More Dangerous

The following is contributed by Ed Farr. Please feel free to comment on Facebook

Inflation is Old as Greed and More Dangerous.

Inflation started with the first coins. Coins were created as a way to guarantee value. It was bogus, of course. Emperors started debasing coins as soon as the first budget deficit emerged. Paper money made corruption easier. Just print it and shop ‘til you drop.

Electronic money is worse yet. Central banks can create new accounts out of nothing. Suppose you head a government agency. The Federal Reserve (the Fed) gives you a check book and a balance with no money behind it. You run around writing checks. Everyone accepts your checks because the Fed clears them. Sellers deposit your checks in their banks and make other purchases. Nobody asks to see the money. Everyone just keeps on writing checks.

Prices rise as a result. Your agency buys while prices are low. Your spending takes goods from the market, causing scarcity. Scarcity pushes prices up for the “little guy.” The government sucks value out of the nation’s real wealth. Creating money takes buying power from citizens. It’s a hidden tax. Unlike a direct tax, a hidden tax can be raised whenever the government wishes.

We let it happen because they feeds us this Big Lie: “Inflation is necessary while deflation is dangerous. Creating new money doesn’t cause excessive inflation; greed or something else does. The Fed protects the economy. We must have a flexible currency so we can adjust its value. Quantitative easing is not the same thing as wantonly printing money. Only a highly trained economist from one of the great institutions can understand all this. The rest of you should shut up.”

This Big Lie is popular because it tells the politicians what they want to hear. It gives them an excuse to expand borrowing and spending. The government buys everything, from ships to Obama phones but most spending really buys the politician’s favorite commodity: Votes!

Brooklyn Chairman Jerry Kassar’s Column:”Common Sense: Icing the issue” in Brooklyn Reporter

Common Sense: Icing the issue



Mayor DeBlasio went after Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis on radio recently saying she “loves to spew right-wing rhetoric.” Besides the fact that I can see nothing wrong with being right-wing, it is worth noting that he is upset with her legal efforts to protect the documents used in the NYCID program from destruction and her criticism of the city’s sanctuary city status. Nicole — and for that matter Assemblymember Ron Castorina, who has also weighed in on these issues — is absolutely right.

New York City’s sanctuary city status might cost it millions in federal dollars based on an executive order by the president and Attorney General Sessions’s pronouncement that the Justice Department in accordance will begin to withhold funding. This action is consistent with many past federal actions designed to get a local government to comply with a federal rule or law.

In order to keep the funding, the city needs to follow the law. The federal law says if you are an undocumented alien and you have committed a crime, the city will provide ICE with information so that you may be located and deported at some point. This makes sense. The city, on the other hand, is putting our lives at risk by not informing ICE and by fighting with the Justice Department.

Neither Nicole nor Ron are running for mayor. Possibly one should be since, among all the declared candidates, only one — Michael Faulkner — shares this view. Paul Massey and Bo Dietl seem to be all over the place on this issue. Anyone and everyone who has shown an interest in challenging de Blasio in a Democratic primary has the identical position to him.

This is a big issue for the Conservative Party in the city. Whoever the party eventually nominates (and I serve as Brooklyn chairperson) will need to be willing as mayor to comply with the federal mandate. Mr. Mayor, I know that makes us right-wingers in your view. All I can say is, thank you.

*           *          *

I talk a lot of politics. Sometimes, I think, too much. There are many more important things happening, particularly this time of year. The next few weeks are a very blessed time for the world’s Christian and Jewish believers. It is an excellent time to reflect on the world and the role you play in it. It is also the perfect time to focus on the Judeo-Christian traditions and teachings that make many of us who we are, spiritually and morally.

The practice of religion can be an excellent anchor in one’s life. I am a practicing Roman Catholic and strongly feel that the years I spent in Catholic schools and the time I spend involved in my religion have been of great benefit to me.

Regardless of your beliefs, thinking about one’s existence and the role a higher being plays in it I feel is important. It certainly helps to frame a long term purpose for many of us. And it provides a certain calmness when confronting late-in-life issues for yourself and loved ones.

I have no interest in sounding like I am lecturing. I am just suggesting that this would be a great time for Christians and Jews who have fallen away from the practice of their beliefs to consider returning.

A View From A Farr

1st of 3 Opinion Pieces contributed by Ed Farr – Democrats Care For the Little Guy So They Can Rob Him.

The first law of politics is power. Power goes to those who fight for it. Successful politicians can fight clean or dirty but the standard mode of the Democrats is corrupt to its core. The Democrat way is simple to state. They use public money to buy votes. Public money is your money received in taxes. It is used against you in various ways.

Keep single moms single and dependent on government. Support public sector unions and keep them dependent on government. Create huge bureaucracies. Hire millions who depend on government. Take over student lending. Make colleges dependent on government. The list goes on.

Republicans can be accused of doing the same sort of things. Lucky for them, the Conservatives are there to keep reminding them who they are. Democrats though, have found a way to take the concept to unheard of levels. They don’t limit vote buying to the yearly tax receipts. They have latched on to some economic absurdities that open new forms of corruption.

The worst tool of corruption is inflation. Inflation hurts the poor first and the weak worst. Here’s how it happens.

The Federal Reserve (the Fed) creates new money by buying government debt. They pay for it by creating accounts out of nothing. They don’t even print money. They just give the government a checkbook and a balance.

The government is the “first receiver.” The new money goes to government purchases. Those who sell to government are second receivers. The money is spent again, going to third receivers and so on. Early receivers get their stuff cheap but their spending drives up prices. When late receivers begin to get some of that money prices are inflated. The last receivers are retired people, the weak, the infirm, the working poor. Democrats claim to care about such people. They only care about their votes while they keep them poor and dependent on government.

More on this in my next article.

Guest Contributor Ed Farr “For the Green Left Islam is a Threat”

For the Green Left Islam is a Threat. by Ed Farr

By the Green Left I mean leftists who push the global warming argument. If scientists agree that we must change our behavior to save the planet then Islam should scare the boots off them.

There are 1.6 billion Muslims. In 50 to 70 years experts predict 13 billion people on earth, half of them Muslim. If you are younger than 40 you may still be around. Renewable energy for such a mass would require vast areas covered with various gizmos yet to be invented. Forget about forests. There won’t be room. Forget about governments too. Given a Muslim majority, a world caliphate is practically unavoidable.

Can we expect that Islam will evolve into a tolerant faith, like Christianity has? It’s unlikely and here’s why. Moderate Muslims exist mostly where they are protected among Christians, Jews, atheists and so forth. The oppressed Uighurs in China are at least safe from other Muslims. Under a world caliphate this will no longer be so.

Moderate Muslims are non-violent by definition. The non-violent always succumb when violence is in power. History gives examples. The Third Reich, the Soviet Union, the Ottoman Empire and Belgian Africa were ruled through violence.

Islam is about submission, not reason. In the 9th century, Islam began its retreat from logic and reason. Muslim theology is not required to make sense. You read the Quran and follow instructions. Science is immaterial. Some clerics claim there are warnings about climate change in the Quran but this has had little impact on Islamic nations. Fundamentalist Muslims are not big on population control or saving the world. Many welcome global warming as an end-of-days scenario. The sciences they do best are fossil fuel and war.

Hope requires that enlightened Muslims win out against the fanatics. This hinges on a debate over the Quran itself. Some say it was written. Others say it was revealed. If the “revealed” crowd wins out life will be hard for the Green Left. Al Gore should think about this, but he’s the guy who sold out to Al Jazeera as I recall.