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Obama’s Broken Foreign Policy. Read Common Sense

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Domestic Terrorism expert Joseph Connor addresses crowd

Thursday, March 26

Hillary’s debacle, much local activity and a whole lot of common sense

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Join Brooklyn Conservatives at Forum on Domestic Terrorism with National Review Columnist Joseph F. Connor

Kings County Conservative Party Forum on Domestic Terrorism

Thursday, March 26, 2015 @ 7pm

@ the Archbishop Hughes KofC Building – 13th Avenue and 86th Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Featuring notable TV commentator and columnist Joseph F. Connor. Joe’s articles have been published in The New York Post, Los Angeles Times, National Review Online and The Wall Street Journal. Mr. O’Connor has also appeared on several news shows including Sean Hannity, Fox & Friends, NBC Nightly News and Hardball.

Hillary’s Convenient Excuse Exposes Gross Incompetence

In an age when Chinese hackers have invaded government and corporate emails and Russia is brazenly asserting geopolitical strength, former Secretary of State and wannabe President Hillary Clinton uses her personal and vulnerable email to communicate matters of State. Her excuse is that she used her own email because it was convenient and only emailed government personnel at their government email addresses. Her actions,if one even believe them to be merely acts of convenience and not evasion, are acts of gross negligence and incompetence. In addition, do we really know which emails she deleted and whether they implicate her, the President, or anyone else in the larger tragedy in Bengazi for which she is being investigated. It is all too convenient for Hillary to put our nation at risk for her own convenience.