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Brooklyn Conservatives Call on NYC Council to Defeat Intro 253- Municipal ID

Brooklyn Conservatives’ Statement on Municipal ID cards – NYC Council Intro 253:

The NYC Council is poised to vote on legislation by Councilman Menchaca, and supported by the Mayor and Speaker, for Municipal ID Cards for all New Yorkers including “undocumented” persons in the country without legal status and meant to help elderly, low-income, “transgendered” persons who would find it difficult or inconvenient to get an ID from the DMV. These cards are unnecessary for most as the documentation to get them are enough proof of identity and those who cannot can still get IDs to pay taxes- which helps when they are before an immigration judge or the CIS to adjust status. The arguments for convenience for those who are elderly or infirmed do not hold up as there are discounts at DMV and the way to resolve that problem is to address the delays at DMV. In addition, these IDs cannot possibly be used as identification for employment or for obtaining any state or federal benefit- at least not legally. E-verify is still in existence and social security match letters still go out to employers where there is a lack of a match.

NYC can give prenatal benefits to the babies and healthcare to US citizen infants, it can instruct police so persons in the country without status can cooperate with authorities, and can collect taxes without a municipal id card.

One opinion expressed by Seth Barron in CITY & STATE ( )is that this is a first in a “progressive” attempt to allow non citizens to vote in municipal elections – a right and privilege reserved to citizens and not to be given out like toilet paper for political gain. Supporters do not help people but dangerously place their city and even their national security up for sale. We must steadfastly oppose these ridiculous wrongheaded and dangerous proposals.

Call – write – get down to the City Council and demand the Defeat of Intro 253!

Common Sense: New York! New York!

What is Texas doing better than NY? In Memoriam: Bill Federici of Daily News, and  will John Cahill take on Schneiderman for AG? Catch up on City, State and Local happenings with Jerry Kassar in the Brooklyn Spectator and Home Reporter @

Common Sense: A Taxing Situation

“We moved from 50th to 48th. Improvement yes, but in reality New York State remains just about the highest taxing states in the nation”  by Jerry Kassar in Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator @

Common Sense: Bad Idea/Worse Timing

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We share this press release put out by Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis, whom we are proud stands for protecting women’s health and makes a common sense demand:

For Immediate Release

April 11, 2014

Contact: Paul Marrone, Jr. [MALLIOTAKIS]: (718) 987-0197

Paul Bologna [CORWIN]: (716) 839-4690



Following the release of a scathing report indicating a lack of state inspections of 225 abortion providers and the resignation of Health Commissioner Dr. Nirav Shah, Assemblywomen Nicole Malliotakis (R,C,I-Brooklyn/Staten Island) and Jane Corwin (R,C,I-Clarence) are calling on the Assembly Majority to replace the 10th point of the Women’s Equality Act – an abortion expansion measure that has held the other 9 points hostage because it lacks consensus from the legislature – with language to require regular inspections of the state’s abortion clinics.

“The Assembly Majority should swiftly look to use this as an opportunity to improve the Women’s Equality Act by dropping the abortion expansion component that lacks consensus, and replacing it with language that would require scheduled inspections of the state’s abortion facilities. Whether pro-choice or pro-life, we can all agree that the health and safety of women is paramount and this is an issue that needs to be addressed. The Assembly Democrats have held up nine other important measures that would protect women and tackle domestic violence – equal pay and various discriminations – all for one point that the Senate has already indicated guarantees the Act’s failure. Let’s make this change, pass the revised 10 points, and begin to help New York’s women today,” said the Assemblywomen.


Thank you,

Nicole Malliotakis

Common Sense: A Catholic Problem

Governor Cuomo has a “Catholic Problem.” Educational Tax Investment Credit Fails and Andrew Cuomo drawing unwanted attention for his “anti-Catholic” stances. Read this week’s Common Sense by Jerry Kassar in Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator,

Brooklyn Conservatives Turn Out to Honor Local Civic Leader Laurie Windsor at Annual Brunch

Brooklyn Conservatives, elected officials Senator Marty Golden, Congressman Michael Grimm, Councilman David Greenfield and prospective candidates, joined the Party and friends as the Ronald Reagan Americanism Award was presented to Laurie Windsor, who is an exceptional and dedicated volunteer for education and other aspects of the community. Attendees were treated to an address and Q&A session with keynote speaker Nicole Gelinas of the Manhattan Institute, WSJ and NYP to name a few of the outlets carrying her articles and commentary.  A special unveiling of a plaque to hang proudly at Conservative Party Headquarters in memory of Conservative Party activist and pioneer Helen Parisette took place with Helen’s daughter and son-in-law present.  State Party Chairman Mike Long shared stories of the City Council and State affairs and confirmed he personally is backing Rob Astorino for Governor.

A reminder that up and coming will be the annual commemoration of memorial day and raising of the POW/MIA flags at the liberty poles at 81st Street and Shore Road and in Leif Erickson Park. Mark your Calendars to join us on May 26th.

Laurie Windsor- 2014 recipient of the Ronald Reagan Americanism Award with County Vice Chair Fran Vella-Marrone and Chairman Jerry Kassar

NYS Senator Martin Golden with Proclamation for Laurie Windsor

Congressman Michael Grimm (R-C 11 CD) presented proclamation to Laurie Windsor

County Chairman Kassar unveiled plaque to hang at Conservative Party Headquarters in memory of Helen D. Parisette, Conservative Party Activist from inception in 1962 through 2012. w/Helen's daughter Dorothy, State Chairman Mike Long, and County Vice Chair and State Treasurer Fran Vella-Marrone

What Makes No Sense in NYS Budget? Find out in Common Sense

Millions to fund political campaigns, but not a dime for parochial students? – No Sense!; Bay Ridge St. Patrick’s Parade- good for the senses!; National Popular Vote- Good Sense. Find out what it all means in this week’s column in the Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator by Jerry Kassar “Common Sense: Makes No Sense: