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Candidates Make Their Pitch W/Brooklyn South Conservative Club at Cyclones Game

In case you missed it, this past weekend, July 28th, Mayoral Candidate Joe Lhota, Comptroller Candidate John Burnett and City Council Candidates,  John Quaglione, David Storobin, Andy Sullivan and Anthony Testaverde  joined the Brooklyn South Conservative Club at MCU Park in Coney Island for a BBQ and meet and greet.  Joe Lhota through out the first pitch ( a slider I think.. and over the plate!) Keep in touch with this blog for other events. Brooklyn South President Liam McCabe hosted a successful event in which Conservative Party members and officers attended with Club members and guests including former Club presidents (legacy Eugene Walsh Club) – David Ryan and Ross Brady. A good time had by all. Join us for the next event!


Common Sense from Conservative Party and its Candidates- in Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator

Read about the successful Brooklyn -Queens Conservative Parties’ American Heritage Dinner and honoree Shaun Marie Levine, as well as our excellent candidates running on credentials and ideas against a sea of unqualified and ethically challenged contenders feted by the media. Local community members take a trip with Pope Francis and more in this week’s “Common Sense: Shaun Marie,” by Brooklyn Chairman Jerry Kassar published by the HomeReporter and Brooklyn Spectator at

Brooklyn and Queens Heritage Dinner A Great Success Honoring Conservative Force Shaun Marie Levine

July 23, 2013 – The annual American Heritage Dinner, jointly convened by the Conservative Parties of Kings and Queens, took place at Russo’s on the Bay in Queens, with Party officers, members and guests enjoying an outstanding event. Members were joined by elected officials from both boroughs and beyond as well as candidates for City Council, NYC Comptroller candidate John Burnett and NYC Mayoral candidate Joe Lhota. State Chairman Mike Long gave a stirring call to all to work for the future of this city. County Chairmen Jerry Kassar of Brooklyn and Tom Long of Queens emphasized the importance of the upcoming elections. All three gentlemen gave high tribute to the recipient of the Thaddeus Dabrowski Award – Shaun Marie Levine -who is Executive Director of the State Party. Ms. Levine delivered a meaningful and gracious speech, informative of not only her work and development with the Party, but of the Conservative Party’s history and ways to face the challenges facing our State and Country. Photographs from the event follow. We encourage you to join us next year when the dinner will be convened in Brooklyn.

front: Shaun Marie Levine Ex Dir. recipient of Dabrowski Award, Fran Vella-Marrone, NYS Party treasurer and Kings County Vice Chair, (back l-r) State Chairman Michael Long, Queens County Chairman Thomas Long, NYC Comptroller candidate John Burnett, NYC Mayoral candidate Joseph Lhota, Staten Island Conservative Chairman Harold Wagner, and Brooklyn Conservative Party Chairman Jerry Kassar

(l-r) Queens County Chairman Tom Long, Thaddeus Dabrowski Award recipient and State Party Executive Director Shaun Marie Levine, and Brooklyn Conservative Party Chairman Jerry Kassar

(l-r) NYC Comptroller candidate John Burnett and NYC Mayoral candidate Joe Lhota no doubt discussing the future of NYC


State Party Press release please see Party website to sign petition:


Conservative Party of New York State

Press Release  ~
Conservative Launch
Citizens Petition for Term Limits

For Immediate Release

July 16, 2013

Contact:  Shaun Marie




Brooklyn, NY – Conservative Party State Chairman, Michael R. Long, is urging New Yorkers to sign the Conservative Party’s Official Citizens Petition to Albany to DEMAND Term Limits that has been mailed to New York citizens and can be found on line at the Party’s website:

Government is too big and spends too much money and that makes the politicians in Albany too powerful. Too often, the politicians are willing to sell that power to the highest bidder and use their power to enrich their cronies and themselves. We have seen the results. In the last seven years, 32 state level officials have been snared in corruption cases.

There is one solution to this problem: term limits — an idea supported by 82% of New Yorkers. The Conservative Party is one of the only groups in New York that is speaking out forcefully and fearlessly for term limits that will help stop public corruption.

Lord Acton said, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Right now, the politicians in Albany have the absolute power to stay in office for as long as they can game the system – and they use that power to enrich themselves and their cronies – enough is enough. Now is the time to force the politicians in Albany to listen to the citizens to support term limits.

The Conservative Party is urging New York’s citizens to be a part of this fight for real reform and responsible government. It is time for the citizens of New York to be heard, not the bureaucrats who will suggest everything except the one true reform – term limits — to help end the corruption that has become all too familiar.


State Headquarters:

486 78th Street
Ft. Hamilton Station, NY 11209

Chaos Among the Dems and Compromised Candidates: GET YOUR DOSE OF COMMON SENSE by Jerry Kassar

Chaos Among the Dems and Compromised Candidates: GET YOUR DOSE OF COMMON SENSE by Jerry Kassar – published by the Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator. see

Conservatives and Republicans Endorse John Burnett for NYC Comptroller

Proclaiming that experience counts and credibility matters, the leaders of the New York State Conservative Party and County Chairs as well as Republican State Chairman Ed Cox, joined John Burnett at NY City Hall to announce their endorsement of the fiscal watchdog  Burnett in his run for NYC Comptroller. Burnett has the financial auditing background and private/public experience the current field lacks and promises to keep an eye on the fiscal health and decisions of the City with keen diligence and without political gamesmanship when it comes to pensions and contract review.

Common Sense: Fireworks

Fireworks from Jerry Kassar in this weeks “Common Sense” published by the Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator July 9, 2013. see

NYC Dems Kardashian Candidates?

One cannot help but wonder why the field of Democratic candidates for Comptroller and Mayor includes such arguably salacious figures as Eliot Spitzer for Comptroller or Anthony Weiner for Mayor and why the media heaps so much attention that people cannot help but watch. Some describe the phenomenon as seeing a train wreck and not being able to look away. While preparing to write this entry, I came across Greg David’s piece in Craine’s on July 9, 2013. He crystalized what I wanted to post, so I refer you to his article but sum it up as a piece on why Eliot Spitzer is unfit to be Comptroller. It is not about the sex and infidelity (and prostitution charges), but about the invective of Spitzer, his “steamroller” mentality and more importantly his lack of effectiveness as Governor and his alleged misuse of State troopers to trail his political rivals. It is a story of political abuse (some may say corruption) and a failed Governor. It is for these reasons that Spitzer should not be elected or taken seriously as a candidate. Both he and Weiner can seek forgiveness for their sins or morality lapses, but such would not cover-up their real shortcomings (sorry Anthony)- their records. In Anthony Weiner’s case his record would include a lack of introduced legislation while generally just being a blow-hard or a windbag lashing out in Congress. Spitzer was just mean and out for blood. Both men were caught literally and figuratively with their pants down. The media follows both with a keen interest. The attention parallels that given to Kim Kardashian (who had her own expository video) and her kin. People make fun of this “celebrity” but do not seem to be able to look away. Perhaps the Democrats are taking a page from the Kardashian’s success by entertaining the candidacies of Spitzer and Weiner. It is a sad day for the Dems and surely for our City if they advance. This comes with apologies to the Kardashian’s for associating them with Spitzer and Weiner. Who knows, perhaps they would make better candidates or better television.

Get Your Weekly Dose of “Common Sense” from Brooklyn Chair Jerry Kassar

Catch-up on Brooklyn Conservative Party activities and politics in the borough, city and State by reading Jerry Kassar’s column, published weekly in the Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator. This week, the NYS Conservative Party State Dinner is a success with many Brooklyn Conservatives attending and hearing from Chris Ruddy of Newsmax and Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, review of work in Albany and local political campaign happenings. Read: Common Srnse: Conservatives Gather at