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Jerry Kassar meets with human rights activist Harry Wu at exhibition in Albany sponsored by NYS Senators Golden and Diaz

Kings County Conservative Party Chair Jerry Kassar with Laigao Research Foundation Founder and Human Rights Activist Harry Wu at Exhibition Sponsored by Senator Marty Golden and Sen. Rev. Ruben Diaz May 2013 at LOB in Albany

Exhibition on Human Rights Abuses in China continues in May 2013 on the concourse of the Legislative Office building in Albany. Kassar, who is also Chief of Staff to Senator Golden, has been a proponent of standing up against human rights abuses, and particularly those occurring in China.


May 2, 2013 – Brooklyn, Brooklyn Conservative Party members, friends and elected representatives commemorated Tax Freedom Day in NY. At long last government has taken its share of money from your pockets and you can earn for you and your family. The Brooklyn Conservatives have commemorated this date, which seems to come later each year, for several years. This year the Brooklyn South Conservative Club lead the event at Corner Kitchen with a good crowd. Among those on hand, who also discussed important looming action in Albany and problems facing our City, were State Senator Martin Golden, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, and former State Senator David Storobin. NYS Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long, County Chairman Jerry Kassar, spoke and many County Executive Committee members were in attendance.

Check back for future events of the Party and of Clubs such as the Brooklyn South Conservative Club.

NYS Senators Golden and Diaz Sponsor Important Exhibition by China Labor Camp Survivor Harry WU. Remember NYS Invests in China Companies!

An exhibition by Laogai Research Foundation founder Harry Wu, himself a 19- year survivor of a Chinese forced “education through labor” camp, has been sponsored by NYS Senators Martin J. Golden and Ruben Diaz. The exhibition will remain in the concourse of the Legislative Office Building in Albany through May 10th. The Laogai Research Foundation documents human rights atrocities in China, such as imprisonments, forced labor and forced abortions.

Harry Wu is expected to be present for the event according to the attached article, which also contains a link to the Freedom House Annual Censorship Report which lists China as the least free nation state.

There are many survivors of China atrocities in NYS and many with family members still suffering under the yoke of an oppressive system. NYS also invests in China companies, which are for the most part joint ventures with the government of China. Thank you to Harry Wu for continuing heroic efforts to inform and seek change. Thank you to Senators Golden and Diaz for sponsoring the exhibition and supporting human rights.

Human Rights Abuse in China Exhibit, New York State SenateHuman Rights Abuse in China 1, New York State SenateHuman Rights Abuse in China 2, New York State SenateHuman Rights Abuse in China 5, New York State SenateHuman Rights Abuse in China 6, New York State Senate

NYC Council Wants to Diminish Your Vote by Allowing Non-Citizen Voting:You read that right – sound off on May 9th.

The following posted on NYC Council Site: May 9th Public Hearing. Non Citizen Voting in Elections is Unconstitutional and Just Wrong!! Want to vote – invest yourself in becoming a citizen. Whomever 33 pandering councilmembers must be called upon. This should fail on its own, but make sure you are heard.

The NYC Voting Rights Restoration Act has a veto-proof majority

The intro. 410 call “Voting by Noncitizen Residents” was introduced into the NYC Council on November 18, 2010 and has a veto-proof majority. The main sponsor is Daniel Dromm (D-25), who is the Chair of the NYC Council Immigration Committee. 32 other co-sponsors have already signed on, including Gale Brewer who heads the NYC Council Government Operations Committee, which has authority over election related legislation.

Join us at the Public Hearings, of the Immigration Committee and Government Operations scheduled on May 9 at 1PM at 250 Broadway 14 fl in NYC.

Text of the legislation can be found here

Chair of the City Council Immigration Committee, Daniel Dromm (D-25) says, “It is time for our evolving democracy to embrace voting rights in local elections for all residents. We are all stakeholders in our community and should have a say in important local issues. In the words of the Revolutionary patriots who put their lives on the line for the freedoms we enjoy today, ‘No taxation without representation.’

Read Chairman Jerry Kassar’s Common Sense Column- April 29:Republicans for Change

Read Chairman Jerry Kassar’s Column in Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator

Common Sense: Republicans for change

Posted: Monday, April 29, 2013 5:40 pm | Updated: 5:42 pm, Mon Apr 29, 2013.

By Jerry Kassar | 0 comments

The New York State Assembly Republican Conference is calling for a New York constitutional  amendment that would give the voters the right to recall elected officials. Many states including California and Wisconsin currently have such a law on the books.

Voters would be allowed to petition to place on the ballot the question, should such elected official be recalled from office? If a recall vote were to pass, a new election would be called with the recalled official allowed to run once again.

The bar to place such a recall on the ballot is usually set quite high so recall votes would be rare. You would not need a particular reason to circulate a recall petition beyond a belief that your elected official had lost the support of his constituency on a large scale.

Recalls as well as initiatives and referendums are often called citizen action proposals because they give the average citizen an option to become directly involved in the legislative process or to remove from office a particularly offensive elected official without having to wait until his or her term has expired.

The New York State Conservative Party supports all three proposals offered by the Republican Assembly Conference of which Nicole Malliotakis is a member.

*                   *              *

Anthony Weiner’s strong showing in a recent poll on the mayor’s race says less  about his strength then it does about the overall Democratic field’s weaknesses.  Imagine such an offensive individual as Anthony Weiner coming in second behind Christine Quinn, who topped out in public opinion polls many months ago and has either not moved or lost ground ever since.

Looking at the cross tabulations in the ensuring runoff that would almost certainly result between her and Weiner, she would very likely lose. And can you imagine how de Blasio, Thompson and Liu must have felt running clearly behind Weiner?

These perceived and apparently quantifiable weaknesses in the Democratic field should offer  hope for the leading Republican candidate Joseph Lhota, who brings a wealth of experience into the race and John Catsimatidis who  brings great personal wealth.

Although it is premature to conclude that Democratic voters will turn to a Republican candidate once their candidate has dropped out , the lack of a strong Democrat offers opportunity. And at a minimum, the Republican candidate will benefit from a fractured post-primary environment among the Democrats with potentially large numbers staying home for November.

I wonder what the Conservative Party will be doing? Could this be a citywide election in which it for the first time  since 1985 and only the second time in its history  endorses a Republican in November?

*                       *             *

My compliments to Congressmember Michael Grimm and his staff for organizing a very patriotic salute to the citizens of Boston.  The congressmember —  who has a very busy schedule that keeps him in Washington most of every week —  still seems to find the time either to produce or attend many events in Brooklyn.

What many New Yorkers fail to realize is the enormous size of a Congressional district in New York State.  Each district has over 720,000 individuals. That is more people then several states and more people than  the total populations of Denver, Seattle, Boston or Baltimore  among others.

Representing such a large population, who have come to expect personal attention and frequent appearances, makes the job of a congressmember 24/7. Some might ask why anyone would want it, but for individuals  like Congressmember Grimm, public service is a way of life. We should be grateful there are individuals of all parties who have the calling.

Assembly Majority Votes Against Fighting Corruption

The following was released by Assemblymember Malliotakis reporting the Assembly majority defeat of a bill that would fight corruption by stripping pension benefits from crooks.  Outraged.. share your outrage here, on Facebook and twitter..why not let Speaker Silver know how you feel

April 30, 2013


Malliotakis, Minority Leader Kolb slam legislature for dragging heels in fight against corruption

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R,C,I-Brooklyn, Staten Island) and Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,C,I-Canandaigua) recently spoke out against the Assembly Majority’s decision to block a bill that would crack down on government corruption. Assembly Bill 4935 would advance a constitutional amendment that would allow the state to strip pension and retirement benefits from elected officials convicted of felonies related to abuse of their office. This legislation was held in the Governmental Employees Committee, of which Malliotakis is the ranking minority member, by a vote of 8-6, with all Minority members supporting the bill. Malliotakis and Leader Kolb indicated that the bill’s defeat is yet another reason why public polls show widespread cynicism and distrust for the state legislature.

“With elected officials throughout the state behind bars and more facing criminal charges, it is deplorable that any legislator could oppose such a common-sense, anti-corruption measure,” said Malliotakis, who has supported similar legislation throughout her time in the Assembly. “Taxpayers cannot be expected to fund the retirement of a corrupt official who has betrayed the public trust. The public is tired of business-as-usual at the Capitol, and unfortunately, this is a prime example of the ‘Bad Old Days’ in Albany.”

“The time to walk-the-walk on public corruption is long overdue. We have proposed two initiatives that directly target the public corruption issue every legislator claims they are trying to address. The Majority’s decision to delay the process isn’t only curious – it’s irresponsible,” Leader Kolb said.  “Public officials who betray the trust of their constituents should be stripped of taxpayer-funded pensions – that’s just common sense. Putting term limits on legislative leaders facilitates new ideas, encourages fresh perspectives and eliminates the perception of ‘absolute power’ in Albany. I am proud to represent a Conference that is actually being a part of the solution, rather than an ongoing part of the problem.”


Thank you,

Nicole Malliotakis