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“Common Sense” on Political Warfare from County Chairman Jerry Kassar

“The State Senate Republicans plan to hold hearings over the next few weeks to look more closely at New York City’s incredible expensive taxpayer-funded campaign finance system which has been repeatedly abused by corrupt politicians.”

New York City’s program is a 6-to- 1 match using taxpayer dollars for political campaigns. Read more and catch-up on Brooklyn Conservatives events at the link below to Jerry Kassar’s column in the Brooklyn Spectator and Home Reporter.- Also remember Tax Freedom Day commemoration with the Brooklyn South Conservative Club will take place May 2d at 7:30pm at Corner Kitchen Bar and Restaurant 6725 Third Avenue.

Join Brooklyn South Conservative Club for Tax Freedom Day May 2nd @7:30

The Brooklyn South Conservative Club will be having its Tax Freedom Day meeting on Thursday, May 2 at the Corner Kitchen & Bar located at  6725 5th Avenue.

You had to file your taxes by April 15th, but you have to work until May 2nd before you can keep what you earn. The date seems to come later in the State of New York each year.

Come make a statement, celebrate with friends or make new ones and find out more about the Conservative Party and the Brooklyn South Conservative Club.


Malliotakis comes out against Silver’s public campaign finance scheme

This just in, a release from Assemblymember Malliotakis:


CONTACT: Paul Marrone, 718-987-0197 (office), 917-612-8656 (cell)


April 16, 2013


In response to Speaker Silver’s proposal to bring matching public funds to state legislative elections, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R,C,I-Brooklyn, Staten Island) issued the following statement:

At a time when people are out of work, underpaid and overtaxed, the concept of using taxpayer dollars to fund political campaigns, at an estimated cost of $200 million, is an absolute disgrace. Just two weeks ago, the legislature passed a budget that cut programs for the developmentally disabled by $90 million, claiming that the state couldn’t afford to continue them. What kind of message are we sending by putting political gain ahead of support for our most vulnerable citizens?

Campaign finance laws in New York are in shambles, but a sure way to make it worse would be to rob hard-earned taxpayer money to support this broken system. We must focus on removing the corrosive influence of money from politics, such as ending unlimited contributions to housekeeping accounts, rather than breaking the backs of taxpayers to fund this shell game. In the past, I voted against a proposal for matching public funds in the race for Office of the Comptroller, and I will continue to be a vocal opponent of taxpayer-financed political campaigns.


The following was released by the New York State Conservative Party today and is copied here in case you missed it.


Conservative Party of New York State

Press Release  ~
Support Science; Not Medical Marihuana

For Immediate Release

April 15, 2013

Contact:  Shaun Marie                                                               518-356-7882

Conservatives Support Science; Marihuana is not Medicine

The Conservative Party of New York State is urging the Members of the Legislature to follow science and the accepted principles of medicine to reject a bill that supports the medical use of marihuana.  The memo issued to the Members follows:

In Opposition to “Medical” Marihuana

S. 4406 – Savino      A. 6357 – Gottfried (on Health Comm Agenda)

Party Position: Marihuana is not medicine, if it is to be considered as medicine,  it should be treated as such and subjected to the Food and Drug Administration approval process that includes clinical trials to determine its efficacy as a medication.

Some people may “feel better” after smoking or ingesting marihuana, but that does not make it medicine.   The reasons some people “feel better” is simple: according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marihuana’s main psychoactive ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), binds to cannabinoid (CB) receptors, widely distributed throughout the nervous system and other parts of the body. In the brain, CB receptors are found in high concentrations in areas that influence pleasure, memory, thought, concentration, sensory and time perception, appetite, pain and movement coordination.  That is why marihuana can have wide-ranging effects, including:
  • Impaired short-term memory.
    Marihuana use can make it hard to learn and retain information, particularly complex tasks.
  • Slowed reaction time and impaired motor coordination.
    It can throw off athletic performance, impair driving skills and increase risk of injuries;
  • Altered judgment and decision making.
    Experts say this can contribute to high-risk sexual behaviors that could lead to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Increased heart rate.
    It can jump by 20% to 100%, which may increase the risk of heart attack, especially in otherwise vulnerable individuals;
  • Altered mood.
    In some, Marihuana can induce euphoria or calmness; in high doses it can cause anxiety and paranoia.
  • Addiction;
  • Poorer educational outcomes,
    poorer job performance and diminished life satisfaction;
  • Respiratory problems
    (chronic cough, bronchitis);
  • Risk of psychosis
    in vulnerable individuals;
  • Cognitive impairment
    persisting beyond the time of intoxication.
In the federal court case of

Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics v.DEA 15Fed 1131 (D.D.C. 1994) the US District Court accepted the five-part test for determining whether a drug is in “currently accepted medicinal use.”  Id at 1135.

The test requires that:
1. The drug’s chemistry must be known and reproducible;
2. There must be adequate safety studies;
3. There must be adequate and well-controlled studies proving efficacy;
4. The drug must be accepted by qualified experts; and
5. The scientific evidence must be widely available.

Applying these criteria to crude Marihuana, the court found that the drug had no currently accepted medical use.

Drug approval must be based on science and not merely what a group or individual desires.

A major study, “EarlyFindings in Controlled Studies of Herbal Cannabis: A Review,” concluded that despite the widespread public interest in the therapeutic potential of herbal cannabis…. “the data alone fails to make the case that crude, smoked cannabis should be made available to patients.“  Numerous other studies have replicated those findings.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), the New York Society of Addiction Medicine (NYSAM), the American Medical Association (AMA) and numerous other national and state organizations are also opposed to marihuana as medicine in smoked or eaten form.

Despite the claims that this bill is strict, it is not.

  • Certification for pot is good for one year - Physicians may prescribe Schedule 2 drugs for 30 days only. Under this proposal, there is no requirement to specify dosage – very unlike prescribing any form of medicine and there is no requirement for re-evaluation before then;
  • Certification can be issued not only by physicians, but by PA’s (physician’s assistant) or NP’s (nurse practitioner) – this contrary to accepted roles of  PA’s and NP’s since they are not able to diagnose and treat for any of the qualifying conditions and the practitioner is not required to have a continuing relationship with the patient – so someone could walk in, get a certification, and walk out;
  • Qualifying conditions are much too broad – by listing specific conditions, and not even linking them to the requirement that they be “severe[ly] debilitating or life-threatening,” patient can qualify merely because he/she has a condition, regardless of whether the condition’s severity;
  • There is no requirement or provision for the practitioner to specify dosage;
  • There is no limitation on amount, other than the limitation that a patient cannot possess more than 2½ ounces at a time – so patient could get 2½ ounces a day;
  • Caregiver can “take care” of up to 5 patients  - so 1 caregiver could obtain 12½ ounces at one time;
  • Patient can designate 2 caregivers – but can designate an unlimited number of additional caregivers if caregiver is a member of immediate family or physical household [no verification required to be submitted);
  • No background check required for the caregiver – can be a convicted drug dealer.
The New York State Conservative Party is strongly opposed to this proposed bill and takes this opportunity to remind you what Richard Cowan, stated in 1993 “Medical Marihuana is our strongest suit.  It is our point of leverage which will move us toward the legalization of Marihuana for personal use.” Unfortunately, this strategy is working, Colorado and Washington began with “medical” marihuana, now they defy federal law and allow the personal use.  We strongly urge a NO vote.
State Headquarters:

486 78th Street
Ft. Hamilton Station, NY 11209

It’s Tax Day, but New Yorkers Will Not Be Free of Taxes Until May 2nd. Stay Tuned and Join Us For Tax Freedom Day May 2nd

Today is the deadline to file your tax return with the State and Federal Governments, but government will not be off your back just yet. New York State residents must now work until May 2nd just to pay for what the government takes out of earnings. That’s right, it is now as late as May 2nd before the money you earn is yours. Until May 2nd, consider all your earnings property of the government. So – get your taxes filed, check your pockets to make sure you have anything left, and look ahead to celebrating Tax Freedom Day on May 2nd.

The Brooklyn South Conservative Club will be celebrating Tax Freedom Day. Stay tuned for more information and activity so you can join us

Brooklyn Conservatives’ Annual Brunch Draws Crowd of Members, Civic Leaders, Elected Officials and Candidates

County Chairman Jerry Kassar-left, County Vice Chair Fran Vella-Marrone-right, with Arlene Keating- center - recipient of Ronald Reagan Americanism Award

John McLaughlin - Prominent Pollster and Political Strategist

Chairman Jerry Kassar Addressing Crowd at 2013 Annual Brunch

A large crowd enjoyed honoring civic leader Arlene Keating, listening to John McLaughlin discuss politics in America, as well as hearing from a number of elected officials who stopped by including State Senator Marty Golden, Assemblywoman Malliotakis, Congressman Michael Grimm, City Councilmember David Geenfield. In addition three candidates for Mayor- in alphabetical order – John Catsimitidas, Joe Lhota, and Rev. Eric Salgado were in attendance, as well as Council candidates John Quaglione, David Storobin and Elias Weir, and representative on behalf of State Senator Simcha Felder. Thank you for all who joined us or supported our effort. We look forward to seeing you at our next event.

U.S. District Court Overreaches in Morning After Pill Ruling: Action needed to protect Children and parental rights

In Tummino v. Hamburg, 12-CV-763, Judge Korman, of the U.S. District Court, Eastern District, which resides in Brooklyn, New York, held that the Secretary of Health and Human Services improperly overruled the FDA Commissioner to prevent the morning after pill or “plan-B” from being available over the counter, without a prescription, to any female regardless of age. That’s right, an 11-year-old can buy these hormonal drugs on their own. In the memorandum and ruling, the judge found that the FDA should have granted a citizen petition and delved into scientific studies. Judge Korman’s expertise is not cited, let alone established. There is discussion of the FDA as the body charged by Congress to make decisions in this field. Judge Korman found that there was “significant political pressure” involved. The restriction on those under 17 receiving the drug without a prescription was found to be arbitrary and capricious.

Although Griswold v. Connecticut is cited, there is no right to privacy issue in this case and the lowest level of scrutiny should have been applied on this issue. The restriction is rationally related to a legitimate government interest. That interest is in not having potentially dangerous drugs in the hands of minors, or even drugs without adequate study being made available. Furthermore, when did parents lose their rights to control their child’s health?

If this activist court wishes to insert itself in this fashion, it is up to federal, State and even local legislators to come up with legislation to nullify this decision. Our Congressional delegation and those within this circuit should immediately get to work on ameliorative legislation. Barring preemption, legislation in the New York State legislature addressing the concerns of this case and spelling out the governments interest in protecting children and parents rights, must be introduced.

Finally, a resolution from the New York City Council, condemning the decision, and supporting federal and State legislation as mentioned above, should immediately be introduced.

Which legislators will take up this cause?- let’s get some response now!

Brooklyn Conservatives Endorse John Quaglione for 43rd City Council Seat

The Kings County Conservative Party has endorsed John Quaglione for City Council. Quaglione will vie for the 43rd Councilmanic District encompassing neighborhoods such as Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, and Bensonhurst. John has had many years civic and professional experience meeting constituent needs, including his long service as an aide to State Senator Marty Golden.

Quaglione, who is has also received the support of the Independence Party released a statement including, “I welcome the support of the Conservative and Independence Parties, and am ready to embark on an opportunity to form a coalition to elect new City Council leadership here in our community. I am running for City Council because we need to improve our quality of life and improve the deliverance of City services to this community. ”

“I am running for City Council because we need to improve our quality of life and improve the deliverance of City services to this community.  I can honestly say that over the years in public service, I  have done much of the work of a City Councilmember. I thank the Conservative and Independence Parties for their endorsement, which will help to further my goal of holding elective office,” concluded John Quaglione.

“John brings to this race several important elements that will make him an outstanding Councilman – an extensive knowledge of the community and its concerns, an understanding of the bigger issues affecting the city as a whole, and a philosophy on governing that will bring about solutions,” said Kings County Conservative Party Chairman Jerry Kassar.

Reminder: County Brunch This Sunday 12-3 @ Bay Ridge Manor- Confirm reservations

The Kings County Conservative Party’s Annual Brunch will take place on April 14, 2013 at the Bay Ridge Manor (76th Street off Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn). 12pm – 3pm.

This year we welcome you to join us as we present the annual Ronald Reagan Americanism Award to Arlene Keating, Executive Secretary and former president of the Bay Ridge Community Council. She is a respected and effective civic leader in our community. Arlene works hard for the community and for the principles and needs of the people. Join us to show appreciation.

Featured at the event will be John McLaughlin, CEO and Partner at McLaughlin and Associates, a leading national survey and research services company. John has aided organizations, and clients throughout the world including the American Conservative Union, Hon. Eric Cantor, the New York Jets and many others. He has his ear to the ground and finger on the pulse of politics in the U.S. and beyond. Do not miss this speaker.

Mailing will go out but contact us at, comment here, call 718-921-2158 or mail your request for reservations @ $60 per person payable to Kings County Conservative Party to Conservative Party c/0 Ross Brady 486 78th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209.

Brooklyn Conservatives Quoted on Passing of Baroness and former PM of Britain Margaret Thatcher Here’s the link. R.I.P. Margaret Thatcher- an ally, a partner, an icon and defender of freedom.