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Brooklyn South Conservative Club Dinner Photos- Next Up County Brunch and Ronald Reagan Americanism Award

Photographs from the very successful Brooklyn South Conservative Club President’s Day Dinner of February 21st have graciously been provided by Georgine Benvenudo Photography. Many thanks. Please see them at the link below. Please also keep a look out for the Kings County Conservative Party Brunch and presentation of the Ronald Reagan Americanism Award to take place in April. More information will follow.

Join Us Tonight: Brooklyn South Conservative Club (fka Eugene Walsh Club) President’s Day Dinner Tonight 6:30 @ Dyker Golf Course -

Just a reminder that the Brooklyn South Conservative Club dinner is tonight starting at 6:30pm at the Dyker Beach Golf Club on 86th Street. Mike Long will be honored with the First Annual Eugene Walsh Memorial Award. Representative Peter King will receive the Paul Adams Award. Joe Lhota is scheduled to speak and other elected officials and candidates will be on hand. A great launch happens tonight. Be there. 3 Course meal, bar, good speakers and camaraderie are in store. The ticket is $100.

Congratulations Assemblymember Malliotakis tapped to speak at the national CPAC and recognized as a leader under 40

Common Sense This Week – A Look At Coming Local Conservatives

Brooklyn County Chair Jerry Kassar writes a column titled “Common Sense” for the publication Home Reporter. Read the attached link here.


The Kings County Conservative Party position is that the Federal Government cannot responsibly raise the minimum wage to $9.The increase will ultimately cost the New York State and New York City economies many jobs as businesses will lay off workers, hire less workers and decrease the hours worked. Small businesses and even larger businesses will be overburdened. There comes a point where expenses are tipped against enterprise. Governor Cuomo merely wants the Federal Government to impose the minimum wage, but surely what follows when the living wage proponents and other interest groups seek New York’s minimum to be even higher.  If Cuomo wants to put his money where his mouth is, passing the buck is not good enough!

Special benefits for illegal aliens at the expense of U.S. citizens is no dream act.Party against Dream Act. NYS does not have authority to recognize illegals and thus must not confer special benefits to people not in legal status.

Poker Face: Cuomo Says He Is Keeping 4 Casinos In His Pocket to Keep Site Selection Apolitical

Whether you believe Casinos are a detriment to the communities, hurting local businesses and are really temporary budget gimmicks to temporarily help a State unable to captain its fiscal ship; or believe Casinos could be the economic boost for struggling areas, on thing is certain – site selection is never apolitical.

Can Cuomo seriously claim that excluding the legislature from site selection will keep politics out of the process? ) Don’t bet on it. One can wager that Cuomo will double-down on the powerplay with the possibility of Casino development and all the contracts and horse-trading that would go along. What do you think? Join the Conversation here, on facebook or twitter.

State Democratic Executive Director Rodney Capel Proves Himself a Fool- or is he merely stupid?

State Democratic Executive Director Capel in taking a shot at Republican State Chairman Ed Cox for the temerity of suggesting Governor Cuomo’s emphasis on Gay Marriage and Abortion was not in NY’s interest, lashed out, calling Cox extreme and suggesting Richard Nixon was extreme.

Childish and inaccurate comparisons aside, it was Capel’s intent to suggest there is a schism among Republicans and so he made the following statement as reported by Capital tonight:

“We suggest Cox, Skelos and Mike Long all get in a room and figure out who they are and what they believe,” he said in his statement. “From what Cox says, the Republican Party doesn’t believe in a platform that fits the state. The more Cox speaks, the clearer it comes that he is the son in law of – and the rightful heir to – Richard Nixon’s extremist and divisive politics.”

Hilarious – Mike Long is the Chairman of the NYS Conservative Party and does not get into a room with anyone to decide what a Conservative believes. Capel apparently cannot tell the difference. He should take note that the Conservative Party supports conservative candidates including Democrats.

Capel should check his hyperbole and his facts. He is not stupid. He clearly was attempting to sew division. Capel should look into the soul of his own Party before contemplating the others. He should also get it right. Capel is not stupid, just a fool. Or is it the other way around?

February Event Update -reserve Feb 21 Dinner with Brooklyn South Conservative Club

The following  from our friends at Brooklyn South Conservative Club is posted in our Events and Club Page: Other events, including the Annual County Brunch in April to Post shortly.
Brooklyn South Conservative Club cordially invites you to it’s Presidents’ Day Dinner 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

6:30 PM 

Dyker Beach Golf Course

1020 86th Street Brooklyn, NY 11217

Special Guest  Hon.Joe Lhota, Mayoral Candidate

George McDonald ,Mayoral Candidate Scheduled to appear

1st Annual Eugene Walsh Memorial Award Recipient: Mike LongPaul Adams Award Recipient: Congressman Peter King
Cover; $100. Tables $1000

Liam McCabe, President

Dinner Chair: Christine Sisto

Please reserve – contact: Christine Sisto – (347)439-6085