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Malliotakis Hangs Tough in Support of Hurricane Victims Over Illegal Aliens

January 23, 2013. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle ran the story linked below about legislators bemoaning Assemblywoman Malliotakis’ admonition against prioritizing illegal alien tuition breaks over much needed assistance to her constituents. Malliotakis, who is of Cuban and Greek ancestry replied that her parents were legal immigrants and she perfectly understancds the American dream, but that the DREAM Act’s tuition breaks for illegal aliens cannot be a legislative priority before affected Americans.

Obama Casts Off Bipartisan Rhetoric for Liberal Agenda

President Obama delivered a blessedly brief inaugural address in which he listed his liberal agenda items for his blessedly last term. Gone were the conciliatory words and outreach across the political aisle to work for the American people. We are well aware that such exhortations of bipartisanship were merely words given the fact that from the beginning of his first term to the beginning of his second term, the President and his administration have ignored Republican cooperation and legislative work on the economy and a host of issues. The President has stated that “elections have consequences.” Unfortunately, it is the American people and our republic that suffer such.


The following is a press release from the Office of Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis. We are sharing it as it raises the issue of priorities. Thank you to Assemblymember Malliotakis for keeping the needs of her constituents above the rush to provide benefits for illegal aliens.    When it comes to Hurricane Sandy relief, we are glad o be able to count on Assemblymember Malliotakis, State Senato Golden and Congressman Grimm to keep priorities straight. Feel free to comment here on our blog, on fb at brooklyn conservative or on twitter brooklynconservatives@bkconservatives.                                   

                                January 17,  2013                                                                                                                    

MALLIOTAKIS BLASTS AID FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS OVER STORM VICTIMS Assemblywoman decries Assembly’s misplaced priorities

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R,C,I-Brooklyn, Staten Island) recently blasted the Assembly Majority for renewing its push for tuition assistance and scholarship programs for illegal aliens (A.2597), while families on Staten Island and in Brooklyn are struggling to put their lives back together in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Malliotakis expressed her astonishment that the legislature would divert its attention from the most important task at hand; assisting those whose lives were forever altered by the storm.

           “In our community, people have lost their homes, their property, their life’s work and even their family members,” said Malliotakis. “These people have suffered through unfathomable adversity, and they are the ones who deserve our assistance and attention. To focus time, energy and most importantly tax dollars on tuition aid for illegal aliens at a time when lifelong Americans are fighting to put their lives back together is unconscionable and frankly offensive. I am appalled by the Majority’s misplaced priorities and urge anyone in support of this bill to take a walk through my district and see who really needs and deserves a helping hand right now.”


New York State Senate Needs More Balls: Was Passage of Fast Tracked Anti-Gun Legislation a Cave-in to Cuomo’s Political Aspirations? What do you think?

Janury 15, 2013.. State Senator Greg Ball, the program Capital Tonight stated “We haven’t saved any lives tonight except for one: the political life of a governor that wants to be President.”

The New York State Senate passed legislation, the “Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act” or “SAFE ACT,” purported to expand the State ban on assault weapons and prevent the mentally ill from possessing fire arms. If we can get a link to or copy of the bill, we can try to post it.

The legislation also restricts permissible ammunition clips to 7 rounds, as they currently can hold 10, requires background checks for purchasers of ammunition. The legislation permits health care professionals to report to local mental health professionals individuals they believe are likely to hurt themselves or others and empower judges to order mentally ill patients receive outpatient treatment.

Does this legislation do what it purports?

According to an article in the New York Times a mental health professional actually stated the following: “The Prospect of being reported to local authorities, even if they do not have weapons, may be enough to discourage patients with suicidal or homicidal thoughts from seeking treatment or from being honest about their impulses.”

Part of the legislation mandates a life sentence without parole for anyone who murders a first responder, and prohibit disclosure of names in the new state gun registration database.

The late night legislation was worked out by the Governor and legislative leaders and rammed through the Senate. The three-day aging period for legislation in the Senate was waived.

State Senator Marchione of Saratoga is said to have praised some portions of the bill but is also quoted as stating ” I truly believe the Second Amendment constitutional freedoms of every New Yorker tonight has been weakened” and “Law-abiding citizens who own guns are not our problem.”

Join the conversation: Just some questions to address:

Is the legislation good amalgamation of  limited actions to protect the public and address assault weapons getting into the hands of mentally ill individuals who might do harm to themselves or others?

Is it too broad and a violation of Second Amendment rights?

Does it do what it purports to do?

Is it a major cave-in to the Governor, who aspires to call national attention to New York and further his own possible presidential ambitions?

What, if anything, does this legislation, and the way it was passed in the Senate, reflect about the Skelos-Klein coalition Senate, the now four-men in a room private dealing, and the state of the Senate?

Weigh in here, on facebook @brooklynconservativeparty, or twitter @bkconservative.

Brooklyn South Conservative Club Emerging- Your Local Conservative Party Club Wants You!- PRESIDENT’S DAY RECEPTION INFO TO COME

January 12, 2013 – The newly named Brooklyn South Conservative Club met this week with energy and enthusiasm for the coming year and to plan outreach and events. The Club is authorized by the County organization. It was formerly named the Eugene Walsh Conservative Club and has been in existence since 1985. S0me of its previous leaders include David Ryan and Ross Brady. The newly elected President Liam McCabe and the Club members met to relaunch the Club and garner participation in enjoyable, informative and useful endeavors. The Club will meet monthly and post further information. Join them on FB, or comment here at this blog.


BROOKLYN SOUTH CONSERVATIVE CLUB PRESIDENT’S DAY RECEPTION will take place FEBRUARY 21, 2013.  Further details as to time, place and how to sign up or take part in the inaugural printed program to follow shortly.

Abortion, Dime Bags, and Casinos-State of Pottersville? or New York: How do you rate the State of the State?

Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his State of the State message today, which included a call for  “reproductive rights”under the cover of women’s equality, a free ride for those possessing 15 grams of marijuana, as he called to end stop and frisk, and more casinos (don’t call them racinos) in Upstate New York (no Casinos (or OTBS)) in New York City, assuming people would take the 3 plus hour ride upstate rather than the 2 hours or less it takes to get to Connecticut or Pennsylvania Casinos.

Surely Casinos cannot be the only source of revenue to pay for the increase in the minimum wage he seeks and the community centers he wishes to make out of public schools.  We will see how he believes NYS can fund such an agenda when the budget message comes out on Jan 22 and the budget shortly thereafter.

Some other items in the State of the State called for a “bar exam-like” examination for teachers and weeding out the underperforming educators. Is this a good step for the teaching “profession” that may help teachers be treated as professionals and thus the good teachers excel and earn as do our students? NY tech corridor all very promising and in the works for some time.

How do you rate the State of the State? Join the conversation here at this blog. Join us on facebook or on Twitter #bkconservatives.

Legislators Get Back to Work In Albany- State of State today

State legislators returned to Albany yesterday for the start of session. This session certainly will be novel with a power sharing arrangement in the Senate among the Republicans and the Independent Democratic Conference. The Governor’s ‘State of the State” speech will be given today, in which he will probably say very little but give clues as to his agenda. With Mayor Bloomberg among the attendees, the Governor is said to be prepared to address adding guns to the assault weapans ban list. We will be listening for his plans concerning crime and punishment and whether anyone will address crime issues ranging from the recent decision of Judge Schendlin that “stop and frisk” activity by police of loiterers outside public housing is unconstitutional, to the issue of the death penalty for cop killers. State of the State should be at 130pm. Post your reactions at this blog, on our facebook page or tweet us at bkconservatives.

Congressman Grimm Keeps Pressure on in D.C. For Hurricane Sandy Relief While Golden and Malliotakis Work the Home front

Thanks to Congressman Grimm for keeping the pressure on House Speaker Boehner and Congress to pass bills for Hurricane Sandy relief. 9.7 billion dollars passed the house today and another 51 billion dollars scheuled for vote on January 15th. There was considerable anger at the failure of Congress to complete the relief legislation before close of session. With the new Congress in session, Grimm immediately pushed for the relief. In the meantime, in addition to Grimm’s activity and that of his staff, State Senator Marty Golden and Assemblywoman Malliotakis, continue to advocate for our community, coordinate delivery of services and information, and their staff has been extremely helpful to the community.