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The Kings County Conservative Party 50th Annual Reception has been postponed. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND JOIN US ON THURS., NOVEMBER 15th @7pm at Sirico’s on 13th Avenue and 81st Street. We appreciate the support of our members and friends, wish you well and safety, and look forward to seeing you as we bestow the James Gay Memorial Award to Mary Schmidt Roth as well as present the Jim Ryan Memorial Award.

AGAIN, the date of the event is now NOVEMBER 15th.


The 50th Annual Reception of the Kings County Conservative Party has been postponed The new date will be posted later today. We pray for all of our families, for safety and recovery and for all those affected by the devastating hurricane. We will look forward to seeing you on the new date for a happy occassion. The James Gay Memorial Award will be presented to Mary Schmidt Roth and the Jim Ryan Memorial Award will be presented at this event.

A great tradition continues -Join us this Thursday

Neither rain, nor snow nor dead of night… will keep us from our 50th Anniversary Reception

Just a reminder to keep safe and secure during the upcoming hurricane or storm. However, the current storm “hurricane Sandy” turns, we wish you all to keep safe and pray for both safety and security.

When the storm clears as we always are – the Brooklyn Conservatives will be here and our annual reception is no exception. This Thursday, November 1st at Sirico’s 83rd Street and 13th Avenue in Brooklyn – cocktails at 7pm, program at 8pm, we will bestow the Jim Gay Memorial Award to deserving activist and Party faithful Mary Schmidt Roth. We will also bestow the Jim Ryan Memorial award to a member of the Executive Committee of singularly outstanding performance in 2012.

U.S. Senate Candidate Wendy Long will speak and elected officials and candidates such as Congressman Michael Grimm, Senator Marty Golden, Assemblywoman Malliotakis, Councilmembers Greenfield and Felder, as well as Assembly candidate Tom McCarthy and many others, will be on hand.

A great night and a great tradition that precedes the final election push continues. Please be sure to join us. The cover is $85.

Kassar and Long Opt-Out of Obamanation at Al Smith Dinner

This year’s Al Smith Dinner, under the auspices of the NY Archdiocese, will include President Obama, despite Obama’s disregard or disrespect for the Catholic church as evidenced by its requirements under Obamacare in direct conflict with teachings and practices of the Church, and lack of a conscience clause. Mike Long, State Chair told the New York Post, he will instead attend a dinner, sponsored by a pro-life organization, honoring former U.S. Senator Jim Buckley.

The invitation of Obama has cased a stir, given previous omissions of President Clinton, John Kerry and President George W. Bush. See the NY Post story click below:

United New Yorkers for Education Choice Honor Brooklyn Conservative Chair Kassar

Congratulations to Brooklyn Conservative Party Chairman, Jerry Kassar, on being honored by United New Yorkers for Choice in Education for his work on the Educational Investment Tax Credit.  Organization Chairman, Tim Mulhearn, is shown presenting Jerry with the award.

Marty Shines Golden as he shows why he is favored for Re-Election in 22nd SD Senate Race

October 10- Dyker Heights Brooklyn. – NYS Senator Martin J. Golden, Conservative and Republican candidate for re-election to the State Senate on November 1st proved effective at reaching out and communicating with the people of the 22nd State Senate District on Tuesday night. The Dyker Heights Civic Association is a non-partisan community group and has held candidate debates over the many years of its existence, serving the community and putting the needs of the community before elected officials and candidates of all political stripes. Tuesday nights debates were no exception.

The debates give residents the opportunity to hear the candidates for an extended period of time and in further depth than they may encounter at campaign stops. The debate between the current State Senator Marty Golden and his erstwhile challenger Andrew Gionardis was substantive. It is clear that Golden represents the community well in Albany, has seniority and brings back services and needed funding for seniors and residents of all demographics. The exchange clarifies once more why Senator Golden has the support of the Conservative Party. Voters should not be complacent. While the top of the tickets may waver in polls, voters must come out and support their candidates.

Romney Wins First Debate- Offers Clear Difference as Obama Asks Americans to Double-Down on his Failed Administration

October 3, 2012 – Tonight, the presidential contenders met for the first of three debates. The issues came back to the economy. One can only hear the words misused previously in another race and repeat them to Obama – “it’s the economy, stupid.” Romney laid out a vision to increase the number of jobs and opportunities for Americans, provide health care and education choice and security and reform the tax code. Obama claimed to want to help the middle class, but admits to creating the tax burden that ill kill jobs and opportunity to a degree worse than the last 4 years of high unemployment and stagnation.

Vice Presidential Debate next week – cannot wait to hear!!


Our State Party reminds us that the main stream media has neglected the U.S. Senate Race in NY. Let’s support our candidate. Tune in/call-in etc to Fred Dicker’s radio program:

Our US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, in NewsMax!  Where is the NY MSM on this Senate race?  Fred Dicker will have Wendy Long on his radio show on Thursday.  You can listen live on the internet @ His show is usually on at 10am.