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RESERVE NOW: Brooklyn Conservatives 50th Annual Reception Set for November 1st- Get Tickets and Journal ads now!

The Kings County Conservative Party 50th Annual Reception will take place November 1st at 7pm @ Sirico’s – 8023 13th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. The James Gay Memorial Award will be presented to Mary Schmidt Roth and the Jim Ryan Memorial Award will also be presented. This event is the main fundraising event, which enables the Party to get out and support Conservative candidates issues and causes.  Support the Party now by purchasing tickets and/or Journal ads or by making contributions.

Tickets are $85 per person. Journal ads are $150 for Gold Patron Listing; $125 for Silver Benefactor Listing, $100 for Sponsor listing; or $75 for Subscriber listing.

You may send a check payable to Kings County Conservative Party. Print out this email or signify the number of tickets with names of attendees and text for ads (please have ads in by October 18th). Please include your address

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 Kings County Conservative Party

c/o Ross Brady, Treasurer

2064 84th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11214

Questions?: Contact us here, at 718-921-2168 or at


Thursday, September 27, 2012. New York State Conservatives gathered at the Sheraton in Manhattan for 2012 National Convention. The Party endorsed the Romney/Ryan ticket and set out to work hard to push the vote for conservative ideals and candidates throughout the State of New York. The featured speaker was our U.S. Senate Candidate Wendy Long. Join or renew your efforts now for the Party and for Wendy Long. Election day is November 6th. America needs your participation.


Hands off our kids. The news that 13 NYC public schools are dispensing plan B, aka “the morning after pill to kids is shocking. The fact that they are doing so without parental consent is appalling. Parents should not have to opt-out of this intrusive and dangerous invasion of parental rights and the parent-child relationship. It should not happen at all and at worst with parental consent -opt-in, not opt-out. Imagine a place where a child cannot get an aspirin for a headache at school, yet school officials are not afraid to give body altering drugs because of their misguided notion that giving them out will prevent teenage pregnancies.

Our elected leaders must put a stop to this now and it is time to stand up to the nanny city government of Mayor Bloomberg. An individual cannot choose to buy the beverage they want or have salt in certain foods, and now have to put up with having birth control in the form of abortive pills peddled to their children.

Mr. Mayor, City Council- try a novel approach – stop kowtowing on reproductive issues and start fixing the streets and infrastructure, address spikes in crime and foster a climate for businessed to prosper. In addition, work on having safe and secure schools with adequate teaching staff and curriculum funding. Teach kids how to succeed instead of spending resources  on social projects and ever-intrusive policies.

Let’s hear from you.. and our elected leaders… post your comments.

Brooklyn Conservatives Elect Officers and Judicial Candidates

(L-R) Jerry Kassar, Jim Murray, Fran Vella-Marrone, and Ross Brady

On September 20 2012, at two separate meetings, the Kings County Conservative Party elected its leaders for the next two years. Gerard Kassar was unanimously elected Chairman for the next two years at the County Committee organzing  meetings. Fran Vella-Marrone was elected Vice- Chair, James Murray, Executive Secretary, and Ross Brady, Treasurer. All were unanimously reelected. At the 2012 Judicial Convention Supreme Court Justice Barry Kamins, Justice William Miller, and Appellate Term Judge Cheryl Chambers were nominated. Each addressed the convention.

The Brooklyn Conservatives look forward to participation of its members, attendance at our upcoming dinner on November 1st and working hard to elect Conservative Party candidates. Volunteer now here or at You may also call 718-921-2158

Brooklyn Conservative Reminders

Upcoming organizing meetings for county committee and judicial convention to take place on September 20th at 7 and 8 pm respectively at Bay Ridge Manor in Brooklyn.  Other events include the Kings County Annual Dinner – celebrating 50 years- November 1st, 2012 @ Siricos. More info to come.

In the meantime – be sure to contact your Conservative candidates campaigns to volunteer. Contact Wendy Long – U.S. Senate Candidate. Micahel Grimm for 11th Congressional District or Marty Golden – State Senate Re-Election campaign and State Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis’s re-election campaign. You may also contact the Brooklyn Conservatives at 718-921-2158..

More to come…

Today: We Remember and Take Strength: Thursday- we all exercise our rights!

We remember the fallen killed by the attack on America today and leave politics at the waters edge. We are all united. Major candidates have vowed not to campaign today and in New York – an important primary with races in Brooklyn for the Conservative Party as well as the Democratic Party are being held on Thursday September 13th out of respect for those who do not want to vote on this date. The issue does remind us that in America, even if democracy can be delayed, it will not be denied. All the more reason to exercise the rights we have that make America exceptional. Vote on September 13th and in the general election on November 6th. We believe Conservative Party candidates best represent America’s promise and we endorse or support candidates such as David Storobin in the 17th CD in a Conservative Primary or Dov Hikind for Assembly in the 48th AD in the Democratic Primary this Thursday, but whomever you vote for, the exercise of your vote is one many have died to ensure. We remember and we react together!-

Reminder: Storobin in Conservative Party Primary This Thursday- 17th SD

Reminder to all interested. Primary Day is this Thursday November 13th. Polls open at 6am and close at 9pm. There is a primary in the 17th Senatorial District. David Storobin, the nominee of the Party, who interviewed and was endorsed by the Executive Committee is being challenged by Simcha Felder who secured enough signatures from individuals including newly enrolled in the party in time for the challenge.  All are encouraged to vote, especially those who do not appreciate candidates who, without support of the Executive committee and long time conservatives, try to wrest the ballot line.

The Conservative Party candidate for 17th SD is David Storobin

Voting begins 6am Thursday, September 13th. Vote and tell your Conservative friends to vote.

NYS Conservative Party Nominates Romney/Ryan Ticket

The New York State Conservative Party nominated and authorized candidates Mitt Romney for President and Paul Ryan for Vice President of the United States at the Party convention on Saturday September 8, 2012. The following is the press release.


Conservative Party of New York State

Press Release  ~ September 8, 2012 

Conservatives Endorse Romney – Ryan Ticket

For Immediate Release                                      Contact: Shaun Marie

September 8, 2012                                           (518-356-7882)

Albany, NY — September 8, 2012 — Conservatives meet this afternoon in Albany, NY to nominate and authorize presidential electors committed to the Romney/Ryan ticket. The enthusiastic delegates were eager to endorse Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as their candidate for President and Vice-President.

State Committee Delegates from across the State, heard Chairman Mike Long note that the political party that delivered enough votes to have Ronald Reagan carry New York State in 1980, is eager to provide the same support to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Long noted that the Romney/Ryan ticket has as its top priority getting America working again by instituting the fiscal stability necessary to grow the economy, that Obamacare’s tax must be repealed and that entitlement programs need to be examined in order to keep promises made and not bankrupt the Country. The Romney/Ryan administration will institute tax relief for over taxed families and will work to simplify the tax code; bring the corporate tax rate to a competitive level and make us energy independent

The Romney/Ryan administration will work with the US Senate and House to ensure that America will once again be the leader of the free world based on the freedoms our Founding Fathers guaranteed its citizens.

This election is the most important election we will face in our lifetime as it sets the agenda for the future. Will we remain a freedom loving, free enterprise nation that has given the entire world a better standard of living, or will we become a nation dependent on government handouts like failed nations that have withered and ceased to exist?

“In 1980 no one believed New York would be in Ronald Reagan’s corner, and we know New York is solidly blue, but the enthusiasm was electrifying, and committed to do all that we can to assure that New York’s electors go to the Romney/Ryan ticket to keep the American Dream alive,” said Long.

Congressman Paul Ryan was nominated by Party treasurer, Frances T. Vella-Marrone, and seconded by Gregory Rigby, Cayuga County Chairman and Stuart J. Avrick, New York County Chairman respectively. Governor Mitt Romney was nominated by Party Secretary, Howard Lim, Jr. and seconded by Wayne County Chairman, James Quinn, Jr. and Gerard Kassar, Kings County Chairman.


State Headquarters:

486 78th Street
Ft. Hamilton Station, NY 11209

Mark Your Calendars for Brooklyn Conservatives 50th Anniversary Dinner and Awards November 1, 2012

More information to follow, but mark your calendars now and plan to join us for the Kings County Conservative Party’s Annual Dinner. This year we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Party and once again award the James Gay Memorial Award and the Jim Ryan Memorial Award. The Jim Ryan Award is voted upon and kept secret until the event. The James Gay Award for an outstanding Conservative will be presented to Mary Schmidt Roth.

Tickets are $85pp. Notices will go out and Journal space will be available. Please consider taking an ad. More information to be posted. Anxious for tickets? – Send checks payable to Kings County Conservative Party – address 486 78th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209.

Keep posted to our Blog, Facebook or follow us on Twitter @bkconservatives

Brooklyn Conservatives Join Conservative Presidential Convention Today

Albany, NY – Sept. 8, 2012 – Brooklyn Conservatives join Conservative Party members from across the State of New York to nominate and authorize Conservative Party candidates for President and Vice President of the United States. The process and resulat are taken very seriously in the State and in the nation. The Conservative Party occupies column C on the ballot.