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Conservative Pols and Party Leaders Call for Town Hall Meetings and Abstinence-Based Curriculum v. Dept. of Education Sex Education Drive

Conservative backed elected officials- Congressmembers Michael Grimm and Bob Turner, State Senator Marty Golden, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, along with Kings County Conservative Party Chairman Jerry Kassar have stood up in support of parental rights and values against a proposed curriculum in public schools that includes lessons on how to use condoms for 5th graders. Our Conservative leaders have been campaigning for an abstinence-based curriculum and for parents and members of the commmunity to be better informed and have input on such important matters. The leaders request the Department of Education hold Town Hall meetings in all five boroughs of New York to inform and get the input of the parents and communities.
There is a sense Department of Education officials to their credit are listening to our leaders’ concerns and we encourage Schools Chancellor Walcott and the Department to arrange  town hall meetings and provide the abstinence-based curriculum alternative to current plans.

Brooklyn Conservatives’ Annual Reception Big Success Honoring Two Stalwarts

The Kings County Conservative Party held its 49 annual reception on November 3, 2011 with a packed group of supporters in attendance. The Party bestowed the honors of the James Gay Memorial Award upon NYS Conservative Party Chair Michael Long, who like the award’s namesake pioneered and has been a devoted leader of the movement and the Party. The Party presented Executive Committeemember and long-time devoted stalwart Robert Maresca with the Jim Ryan Memorial Award.

On hand for the event were many community leaders, friends, active Party members, former Assemblymember Matthew Mirones, Conservative Party candidates and elected officials including State Senator Marty Golden, Assemblymembers Malliotakis and Raphael Espinal,  and City Councilmember David Greenfield to name a few.

On to next year’s 50th Annual celebration!!

(l to r: Hon. Raphael Espinal – NYS Assemblymember, Hon. Gerard Kassar – Kings County Conservative Party Chairman, Executive Committemember and Jim Ryan Memorial Award recipient Robert Maresca, Hon. Frances Vella-Marrone – Kings County Conservative Vice Chair, Eileen long – daughter of NYS Party Conservative Party Chairman and James Gay Memorial Award Recipient Michael Long and Mr. Long’s son)


The Kings County Conservative Party calls on the Federal, State and Municipally funded Brooklyn Museum to cancel its upcoming Exhibition entitled “a Fire in My Belly” by David Wojnarowocz. The exhibition was terminated from the Smithsonian National Gallery and should not be housed at the museum. Some of the items said to be displayed include images of   ”ants crawling over the image of Jesus on a crucifix, two halves of a loaf of bread being sewn together, the bloody mouth of a man being sewn shut, a hand dropping coins, a man undressing, a man’s genitals, a bowl of blood, and mummified humans,” according to CNN.

As members of the community of interest, the Kings County Conservative Party are aghast. There is no redeeming social, scientific, political value or any value whatsoever to this exhibition, which breaches community standards and indeed any standards. When will the Brooklyn Museum learn? A private gallery can offend as many people as they want behind closed doors, but public institutions need to be accountable. We look forward to a resolution of this issue, either through the Museum coming to its senses and the sensibilities of its audience or through leadership on this issue.

Brooklyn Conservatives Hail Mayor’s Decision to Remove Unlawful Protesters and Justice’s Decision to Deny Injunction

The Kings County Conservative Party supports Mayor Bloomberg’s actions in removing the marauding mindless people occupying private property while usurping space meant for the use and enjoyment of the entire public. The “protesters” have exceeded their welcome in the community without any formulated message or coherent speech. While first amendment rights to free speech and peaceful assembly are supreme, they are not absolute. Tent structures, creating a nuisance or worse, the purported criminal activity, dangerous atmosphere, and violation of property rights could not and should not have been allowed to continue. The mayor took lawful and correct action in ousting the usurpers, cleaning up the park, which had harbored a stench, while not speaking to these people’s right to speech. Actions are also not  protected speech and time, place, and manner restrictions in this case are wholly appropriate in the exercise of legitimate police powers to protect public safety.

Supreme Court Justice Michael Stallman has denied a motion by some of the “occupiers” to require the City to allow them to return to the property. It is a correct decision.

BROOKLYN CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES: VOTE NOV 8th: “Off-year election voting crucial”

Get out and vote in this year’s election. Important judicial elections are occuring on November 8th. Conservative Justices are needed on the New York Supreme Court. Your Conservative Party candidates for the New York State Supreme Court alphabetically listed are:

Paul Atanasio

Betsey Barros

Jnny Lee Baynes

Joseph Elhilow

David Friedman

Carl J. Landicino

Renata Landskind


Vincent Martusciello