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The Kings County Conservative Party’s Annual Reception and Cocktail Party, and presentations of the Jim Ryan Memorial and James Gay Memorial Awards will take place on November 3, 2011 at 7 pm. at Sirico’s – 8023 13th Avenue in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn.

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend. We look forward to seeing friends old and new and enjoying a great event. More information will be forthcoming. As always, please check our weblog and/or friend BrooklynConservativeparty on Facebook.

Plan Accordingly: 9th Congressional Race:Candidate Weprin Pulled Out of Debate on Issues Scheduled for Tonight

August 29, 2011: We wish to inform people who are planning to attend the 9th Congressional District debate with candidates Turner and Weprin, scheduled for this evening and sponsored in part by the Juniper Park Civic Association and Times Newsweekly, that it has come to our attention that Mr. Weprin has pulled out of the debate. The Weprin campaign cites the bad weather following hurricane Irene as the reason. The Turner campaign has sent press releases noting that the roads and paths are clear and urging Weprin to attend. The Turner people also believe that Weprin may be laying low after a poor performance during a question and answer session.

Whatever the reason may be, the people of the 9th CD deserve to hear from their candidates, not surrogates and certainly don’t deserve to have a debate canceled. It is trying times such as we all just experienced that give even more reason to question those seeking to represent us.

Both candidates should plan on showing up to address the people and debate the issues. We hope that Mr. Weprin may change his mind and that Mr. Turner will likewise attend as scheduled. It is up to the people of the district to decide whether they should attend this evening according to their own situations. We post this notice to alert them that a candidate may not attend, so that they can decide what to do for themselves. If we find out anything different, we will update.

Radical Working Families Party Candidate Gonzalez: Soft on Crime and Illegal Immigration. Espinal is choice for 54th Assembly Race

While Rafael Espinal has been running a race to represent hard-working, law abiding citizens of the 54th Assembly district and supports the safety of the citizens as well as safe, legal immigration to benefit the community and families of the district, it appears his opponent, subscribing to the Working Families Party’s doctrines, does not carry as much respect for the people of the district.

While crime is of concern to all parents and citizens, Gonzalez’ Working Families platform calls for reducing sentences and freeing drug dealers. They are more interested in equal rights for drug dealers than the law-abiding citizens who have to live with drug-dealing on their streets, often near their children.

While, legal immigration practices and national security are paramount concerns, Gonzales’ Working Family’s Party platform calls for “Legislation requiring public agencies and private businesses to accept appropriate identification issued by foreign consulates (“matriculas consulares”) in place of a New York-issued photo ID.” Does he seriously want agencies to accept such easily-forged and unverifiable identification. If a person is a legal immigrant, then they can get legal identification. Does the WFP and does Gonzalez have such little respect for the sovereignty of New York State?

We have to ask what or who Gonzalez stands for?

We already know that Rafael Espinal respects the law and the members of the community and will work within the Assembly to serve them. He adheres to principles and has the ability to lead and to govern. The 54th Assembly district needs Espinal and not Gonzalez and his Working Families Party comrades.

SOUND OFF: WHAT DO YOU THINK?: BOB TURNER is RUNNING FOR CONGRESS in 9th CD. Is his opponent Weprin hedging his bets or planning to bail out on the constituents?

With the race for the 9th Congressional seat trending close, one would think both candidates are focused on the campaign and the duties for the 9th. Bob Turner has been campaigning for the seat with vigor and has met a vast number of residents whom he wants to represent. Both candidates have endorsement. It appears that David Weprin is eying another race. A campaign website appears to be under construction for an Assembly race for Weprin. See

Is Weprin running scared of losing the race for the 9th to Turner? Does he plan to dump his constituents if he wins and run for the Assembly? Is he preparing himself should the district be districted out of existence?

The residents of the 9th CD deserve a candidate intersted in representing them and focused on this race at this time.

What do you think? Feel free to comment.